Norwegian priest marked Kristallnacht using PLO-scarf

Dialogue priest Odd Kristian Reme used Kristallnacht to honor late PLO-leader Yasser Arafat.

PLO=supporter Odd Kristian Reme mocks Jewish victims of Nazism.
PLO-supporter Odd Kristian Reme mocked Jewish victims of Nazism during Kristallnacht.

When dialogue priest Odd Kristian Reme was speaking at the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, he used Palestinian scarf.
– Abuse of what happened to the Jews, said Ervin Kohn.

– I strongly condemns that he uses the memory of Kristallnacht to highlight other political issues, and this is a misuse of what happened to the Jews, said Ervin Kohn, head of the Jewish community in Oslo, the next day.

Odd Kristian Reme’s head of Ecumenical Dialogue Centre in Stavanger. He was invited by the organizer SOS Racism to hold appeal in the square Saturday. He did so wearing a Palestinian scarf around his neck.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily,

My comment:

It is a disgrace to use a “Palestinian scarf” during a remembrance of Jewish martyrs of Nazism, since the PLO have been the worst persecutor and killer of Jews after the Second World war.

Not only are the PLO an enemy of the Jewish people. Both the late and the present leaders of the PLO are both Holocaust deniers.

That the Norwegian supporters of the PLO have no shame, is a well know fact. That a PLO=supporting Norwegian priest also expose his lack of common sense during such an event, is nothing but expected.  Islam-support and Jew-hate in the name of “Christ” is a modern day trade mark of Norway.

Written by Ivar

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