Priests offers mass in front of rusted chains in Rome

A Roman Catholic priest hold up “Jesus of Rome” in front of some rusted chains, claimed to have hold Peter the Apostle.

Roman Catholic priests worship with some “holy” rusted chains above the altar.

If you do not find holding corpses inside altars of Churches quite bizarre, you might like this kind of story.

Inside  the Church of Saint Peter in Chains (San Pietro in Vincoli al Colle Oppio) in Rome, a Roman Catholic priest conduct a mass in front of some ancient rusted chains.

The priest lifts up “Wafer Jesus” in front of the chains.
The “holy” chains that the Vatican claims were used during the arrest of Peter.

The Vatican claims that these chains were used to hold “St.Peter” when he was arrested, and faced martyrdom in Rome.

There is obviously some problems with this kind of claims.

1. There is no biblical evidence that Peter was in Rome.

2.  Anyhow: How do your prove that some rusted chains had anything to do with anyone, living 2.000 years ago?

3. And if the authenticity of the chains can be proven, what makes a piece of metal “holy”?

4, Even if you felt there was some kind of collectors value of these chains, why put them in a golden glass box, and hang them on the wall insider a Church.

5. And if you want to keep this kind of stuff inside a Church, why hang it over an altar?

My take on this:

A Papist found some chains, and used them as yet another item that could elevate him self, and keep the flock in bondage to worship of created things.

The Church started to demand that the faithful should believe these chains are “holy” and that they were used to arrest Peter.
Inside the Church of St. Peter’s chains, you will also see that the Catholics adore and venerate the chains.

Even holding up the Eucharist with the “physical Jesus” in front of the chains.

What is so adorable about chains?

It is rather tasteless, that Roman Catholic even wants to look at such chains.

If they are not just fake and falsehood:

They were most likely used by satanic anti-Christian butchers, who martyred Jews and Evangelical Christians in Rome. All who refused to bow down to the Emperor of Rome and his Pope were placed in chains, and executed.

What a shameful, distasteful site of wickedness.

Are you a Roman Catholic?

I hope and pray the Holy Spirit will cut deep into your heart.

Do you want to avoid the fire of Hell?

Renounce the priesthood that have deceived you, or face stern judgment.

You brood of vipers. Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Priests offers mass in front of rusted chains in Rome

  1. It’s like Catholics become lobotomized incapable of thinking for themselves. Worship apparently whatever the priest puts out for them. poor people. So deceived by the forces of evil.

  2. THe things I keep hearing are sadder and sadder. These people are so decieved. These are chains. Metal pieces looped together. Even if they were used on Peter the apostle they were used to bind him, to prepare for a painful and tortured death. The idea that something like those chains can be holy is just sad. I sometimes cry at what I see. At how decieved the Catholics are, at how decieved the Muslims are, the Hindus, nd the Buddists etc…
    The things they do to themselves, or thier children to gain the approval of their “god” is just gut wrenching. My God- the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- is a God of love. He only wants you to reach out to him and He will pull you out of the sin. He left His throne in Heaven to come to Earth as a man and Die for us. The price for sin HAD to be paid. He didnt want to punnish us so He took the punnishment. I heard a story recently of a christian father, he told his children that if they broke a specific rule again that he would have to punnish them. Well children being rebellious broke the rule again just a few min later. The father then took them into his room took off his belt and his shirt and told the children he didnt want to punnish them. But that someone had to be punnished. so he had his children whip his own back with his own belt. The entire time those children were crying because they knew exactly what their father was doing. Jesus did that. He left His glory to be human, He nurished the tree that he knew he would hang on one day, He was shamed and whipped, and then hung on a cross for me and for you. He took the punnishment that we deserved. then he conquered death so we dont have to fear it. No matter how I look at it My God- Jesus- is a God of love. Yes he is a holy and a Just God. He can not accept sin- But that is why He provided a way. He wants you, he loves you- but the choice is yours.

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