Netanyahu and Kerry continue to act in political theater

Binyamin Netanyahu said bluntly alongside John Kerry on Wednesday that he was “concerned” about the negotiations with the “Palestinians”.

Benjamin Netanyahu greets John Kerry, as both men continue to play political games.
Benjamin Netanyahu greets John Kerry, as both men continue to play political games.

This is what the Prime Minister in Israel said tp John Kerry yesterday:

“I’m concerned about their progress, because I see the Palestinians continuing with incitement, continuing to create artificial crisis, continuing to avoid historic decisions that are needed to make a genuine peace,” he said. “I hope your visit can steer them back to a place where we can achieve the historic peace we seek and that our people deserve.” Netanyahu said that Israel, the Palestinians and the US agreed to certain terms three months ago that led to a resumption of the negotiations.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is a certain diplomatic technique to keep on talking about how to talk, and what there is to talk about. In the terms of the US State Department, such talks are called “peace negotiations”.

For most Israeli this political theater, is laughable. Because as long as the Arabs continue to refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish statehood, permanent homeland for the Jewish people, there is really nothing to talk about.  John Kerry is waisting his time and valuable air fuel. He should rather stay home in Washington D.C and talk with Americans about the weather.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Netanyahu and Kerry continue to act in political theater

  1. Well if I have understand the bible correct: The only person before Jesus Christ returns that shall make peace with Israel is the biblical antichrist and NOBODY ELSE! But that peace will soon be broken!

  2. There in lies the problem; “understanding the bible correctly” Much of our understanding comes from what men have taught. The same problem existed with the Israelites. They listened and believed what their teachers taught them, and because they believed them they had a different understanding of the absolute truth. They got it wrong on so much

    1. Dear Todd.


      True, than many Israelis do not follow the instructions of God. But what about Christians, who claim than Jerusalem should be returned back under Islamic rule?

      God of the Bible do work today. He is not sleeping, not finished with the plan of bringing Jesus the Messiah back to Earth. And the restoration of Israel, and the liberation of Jerusalem, is two of His great works. The Jews have returned to Zion and the city of David, purely by His mercy and grace.

      1. By the way Ivar, tonite (USA eastern standard time) on Fox News
        A special show with Billy Graham who wants to tell the truth before he leaves this world will be on at 10pm. Eastern standard
        Time. Thought you might want to know being that you had an article about him a week ago. Will be interesting to hear what he will say

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