Cartoon of the day: # 197


A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words.

6 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day: # 197

    1. Dear Muslim.


      You wrote:

      u bloody basterd birth of mulipul fathers.

      By reply:

      By looking at your filthy language, I come to know what kind of spirits that reigns in a follower of “allah”. You claim to know “god”, but your Koran and your false prophet Muhammad have made you children of the devil.

      Behold: Jesus the Messiah has shed his blood for all Arabs, and the People of Persia too. The wage of sin is death. But eternal life is found in Him, the Jewish Messiah. Repent, and surrender to Him. And you will scape the burning fire of Hell. Amen.

      1. erm… tell me at least one way christianity is right? there are so many diffrent versions of the bible but only one version of the quraan. so witch bible are yo going to follow?

  1. The multiple versions of the Holy Bible all say the same things–the wording is slightly different, but the essence is the same. Just as one would rephrase a sentence to bring greater meaning to the hearer, so the Bible has different translations. We follow the Living Word of God–Jesus Himself. He was morally perfect in His life here. You cannot say that Mohammed was anything close to moral perfection. He was a man of violent conquest. Compare that to the sinless Lamb of God who soundly rebuked His followers when they proposed vengeance against those who did them ill and refused to listen to their message. The Creator God is known in the fullest revelation of Him in His Son, Jesus. He is a God of kindness and love as evidenced in the life of Jesus, not a God of cruelty and bloodshed, as evidenced in the life of Mohammed.

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