Fresh push for law to allow Jews to pray on Temple Mount

 Faction promoting ordinance that will allow Jews to openly pray on mount – for first time since 1967‬‬.

Naftali Bennet praying below the Temple Mount. Why not on top?
Naftali Bennet praying below the Temple Mount. Why not on top?

As the political storm over the release of the terrorists earlier in the week subsides, the next coalition land mine appears near: Habayit Hayehudi faction is cooperating with the Religious Services Ministry to propose legislation which would allow Jews to openly pray on the Temple Mount, for the first time since the site was liberated in 1967.

According to the special ordinance which was prepared by the legal department of the ministry, there would be set hours for daily Jewish prayer on the mount.

A decision like this is highly sensitive because the Arab and Muslim world closely follows every Jewish move on the mount, and more than once, visits of Jews to the Temple Mount have led to violent riots.

Since the unification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War, and the famous call of the chief military rabbi “The Temple Mount is in our hands,” Jews have been forbidden from praying on the mount, which is managed by the Islamic religious authority, the Waqf. Those who break this restriction are immediately arrested – and forbidden from returning to the mount.

Additionally, in the past few years, a substantial increase has taken place in the number of Jews touring the site, including Knesset members and rabbis. The issue with the proposed change is that every change needs authorization of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


My comment:

It would be strange if Norwegian Christians would not be permitted to pray anywhere in Norway.  Even if we walked into a Mosque, we should be permitted to take the name of Jesus on our lips.

For Jews, the Temple Mount is a place they are not permitted to pray. This is a grave injustice, because the Temple Mount in the very location of two Jewish Temples. The first built by the Jewish king Solomon.

Stand up for both Christians and Jews right to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, without fear of being persecuted.  Do not summit to the opponents of religious freedom, and the totalitarian forces of Islam.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Fresh push for law to allow Jews to pray on Temple Mount

    1. Dear Karbar 77.


      I am not Jewish, and I do not have to observe the Torah. But I love the Torah, and I like to observe Jewish festivals and Israeli days of remembrance. Still I am saved by the Messiah, alone, by his mercy alone, saved by the blood of the lamb of God.

      1. The torah is not the same as the Old Testament; it has been altered to further the goals of the zionist jews…The temple mount should remain off limits to the jews until they start treating the palestinians with some respect ..Also the Christians who they spit on.

  1. I understand the significance for a Jewish person wanting to be able to pray at the Temple Mount. I hope this law is approved for them.
    Having said that I will also say that Jesus, when speaking to his own people told them to pray in secret, in a closet ie, a private place where they are unseen. Jesus gave that example when he he would go up into the mountain to pray. To get alone in private in the secret closet of prayer and pray to your father who is unseen. Then your father who see what is done in secret will reward you. Matt. 6:5-8
    For the Christian who lives in Jerusalem to pray at the Temple Mount has no greater value. The father likes his people to pray to him in secret. This is an act of spiritual worship.

    1. Dear Todd.


      I do not have to pray at the Temple Mount for Jesus to hear my prayer. But I do not mind praying at the Temple Mount. The issue is not about location of prayers, but of a ban on Jews from praying on top of the site, where two Jewish Temples were located. This ban also limits Israel’s Sovereignty over its own capital.

      Silent prayers are as good as any other prayers. Sometimes when we pray for others, we need to use our voice. Likewise, when a Christian leader pray during a public meeting.

  2. Ivar
    Yes, I understand the bigger issue. And for this I hope the law for them to pray there will be approved. I don’t know if I will ever have the opportunity to go to Israel. But if I do I will certainly visit this site.
    And I would probably pray a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
    Certainly Ivar I do not discourage public prayer as I have been called upon myself to do this on occasion. In my honesty I must confess that some of those times, not always but sometimes I was
    Concerned how my prayer sounded to those listening. I am shamed to admit this but it is true. I prefer not to pray publicly for this reason and temptation.i love to pray with one other person though especially with someone who is ill in the hospital, just me and that person. The temptation to sound correct is not their. Any way I hope
    Livni and Netanyahu approve this

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