Hamas fired mortar shells after IDF tanks crossed border in bid to destroy terror tunnel from Gaza into southern Israel.

Israeli soldiers fighting for the survival of the only free and democratic state in the ME.
Israeli soldiers fighting for the survival of the only free and democratic state in the ME.

An IDF spokeswoman said forces were carrying out “a pinpoint action” in the area where a tunnel dug by terrorists leading from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel was discovered on October 13,  but did not have further details. According to Israeli media reports, the soldiers were preparing to destroy the tunnel when an explosive device detonated, causing the injuries.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

This is the story that never was told in Western media.

It does mot fit into the gross “peace project” of Obama and Saudi Arabia, to let the public know about the last terror tunnel built by Hamas into Israel.

The purpose of the tunnel was not to import dippers and Coke’s to Gaza, but to launch more terror attacks against Jewish women and children. Possible kidnap some of them, and keep them in Gaza for a possible exchange of another 1.000 of brutal and barbaric assassins for “allah”.

It was the International community who should have demanded the demolition of this tunnel, and the expenses covered by the United Nations (UN). But being a gathering of the wicked, with 40 totalitarian Muslim nations in its core, there was not a single UN line of condemnation of the Hamas.

Israel is constantly singled out as the “war criminal”, and Islam branded as a “peace movement”.

It reminds me about the run up to the Second World war, when Herr Hitler has presented to us a a “suitable peace partner”.

Shame, shame, eternal shame.

Stand up for Israel, and the Jews right to live inside their promised land, with safe borders according to Biblical instructions.  May Jesus the Messiah bless them and keep all Jews safe, and eventually save them. Amen.

Written by Ivar