Cartoon of the day # 232


A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

9 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 232

  1. Reality that everyone hates Jews and they are just defending their right to exist in a land promised to them by YHWH.

    That picture is very accurate

    1. the cartoon is actually satirising the Palistinian reliance of human shields. This cartoon is also extremly inaccurate and biased. The Gaza debacle in a slaughter. many innocent palestinian civilians are being massacared.

      1. Dom is right, many innocent Palestinians Arabs are being killed by fellow Palestinians whom see them as collatarel damage and use them in th emedia war against Israel, thaks for pointing this out Dom.

      2. Show me an “innocent Palestinian civilian” and I will show you someone who is persecuted by Islam for their non-belief in Allah and Mohammad.

  2. This can’t be serious. What about the kids mistreated in Gaza by the IDF?

    Are they allowed to such acts because they are the CHOSEN people?????


    1. Pedro,

      Actually this is a very serious situtation. All people who commit horrific crimes against children, will have to answer to God.

      But the Israeli people have a right to defend themselves from those who want to take their land, promised to them by God.

      That Palestinan and Muslim people use children to commit crimes is evident by the mass of suicide bombings that have ocurred and are occuring.

      Also, a side note: If you’d like to post on this blog, we respectfully ask that you use proper language when you speak.

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