2 billion Euro-funds pockeded by Islamic terrorists

EU report reveals €1.95 billion, transferred by Belgium to West Bank, Gaza Strip over past several years, were wasted or lost. Corruption is suspected‬‬.

PLO-leader Abu Mazen got cash in hand from men like Barack Hussein Obama.
PLO-leader Abu Mazen got political support and cash in hand from men like Barack Hussein Obama.

One billion Euros in EU aid funds to the Palestinians has been wasted or “lost” due to corruption – according to a harsh report leveling severe criticisms published by the European Court, the official institution located in Luxembourg. This was reported on Sunday in the British Sunday Times, which added that the report has not yet been published.

According to the report, between 2008 and 2012, Belgium transferred more than €1.95 billion to the West Bank, controlled by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, but Belgium’s impact on the way the money was invested and its use was minimal.

The report noted that the EU investigators visited sites in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza, and noticed “significant deficiencies” in the management of aid funds transferred to the Palestinians. Editors of the report complained that measures were not taken to reduce serious risks such as “corruption or funds not used for purposes for which they were transferred.”

Source: Yneytnews.com

My comment:

In the ongoing war on Zionist Israel. everything seems to be permissible.  As long as money from the tax payers in Europe, are distributed into the pockets of cold blooded Islamic killers.

The ongoing European support of the Hamas, the PLO and the Muslim Brotherhood is not only immoral. It is equally wicked, as the European support of Nazism in the run up to World War II.

Two billion Euro’s are not accounted for. That is a lot of money for fresh production of belts and bombs for Islamic suicide bombers. New missiles can be set up at the borders of Israel. The elite of the Arab terror organizations have also set aside some money for their swiss bank accounts.

The Bible is crystal clear, that it is God of Israel who have re birthed the Jewish homeland. The homecoming of Jews have been going on since 1948. You can support Israel, or you can curse Israel. If you curse the chosen people of God, you will be cursed by God.  Father, Son and Spirit d wake the talk, and will do as they have promised.

Written by Ivar

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