The PM of Israel warns the World of collaboration with Iran, but is ready to meet the Iranian President.

Benjamin Netanyahu must make up his mind in regards to the evils of the Ayatollah.
Benjamin Netanyahu must make up his mind in regards to the evils of the Ayatollah.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told NPR on Thursday that he would “consider” meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

“I haven’t been offered [to meet Rouhani]. If I’m offered, I’d consider it, but it’s not an issue. If I meet with these people I’d stick this question in their face: Are you prepared to dismantle your program completely? Because you can’t stay with the [nuclear] enrichment,” Netanyahu told Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Benjamin Netanyahu needs to make up his mind:

Are the Iranian Ayatollah regime the successors of Nazi-Germany, or are they not?

If the answer is yes. Would it be proper to meet the Iranian leader?

If Iran rather is a reasonable “peace partner”, Netanyahu should consider to enter into a “peace agreement” with Teheran.  Benjamin Neyanyahu can invite Barack Hussein Obama with him to the capitol of Iran, to sign the key documents.

“Peace in our times”.

The way Netanyahu talk, he is caught in his own rhetoric. Iran can not be both of God and the devil. Israel can not depend on an agreement made with the children of the devil.

Why should Iran deny it self nuclear weapons, when Israel has got the nuke?

Netanyahu is not giving the World a trustworthy answer. The only way to answer this question, will be to hit challenge the USA, England, France, Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, China and India will accept such a “brilliant” peace plan?

There can  not be on rule for Israel, and one rule for the other anomic powers. That will be the ultimate example of hypocrisy and double standards.

If God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus has permitted that the Jews has nuclear bomb, we should presume that the permission was granted for a purpose.

Written by Ivar