The UN is “the citadel of hypocrisy”

Dan Gillerman says UN has three standards – one for democracy, one for totalitarian states and another for Israel.

Former UN Ambassador Gill correctly brand the UN as evil doers.
Former Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillmann correctly brand the UN as evil doers.

Dan Gillerman, a former Israel ambassador to the United Nations refers to that institution as “The Citadel of Hypocrisy.”  Gillerman used the expression twice on Monday night in the course of an address in Herzliya Pituah to ESRA (The English Speaking Residents Association) at a fund raising dinner to benefit ESRA projects on behalf of the Ethiopian community in Netanya.

Gillerman, who was only the second Israeli after Abba Eban to serve as vice president of the UN General Assembly,  said the UN has three standards – one for democracy, one for totalitarian states and another for Israel.

Reviewing developments in the region, Gillerman said that “Israel today is in one of its most precarious situations and maybe even the most dangerous existentially ever in a dramatically changing world and neighborhood.”

The world has become so crazy, said Gillerman, that Russian President Vladimir Putin can be compared with the Pope, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with Mother Theresa and Syrian President Bashar Assad with the head of the Red Cross.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is amazing what kind of baloney statements that can be accepted by the International community.  Like the Iranian President that told us that to develop a nuclear bomb goes against the ethics of Islam.

I wonder when Iran protested against the existence of the Pakistani nuclear bomb. How many US resolutions that was promoted by Tehran, in regards to the Islamic nuclear bombs of Islamabad?

By best guess is none, zero.

Since the UN has around 100 totalitarian states as members, the very majority of its well wishers, you might be puzzled by hat kind of mandate the UN do have. In particular in regards to democracy, human rights, and justice for the oppressed and needy.

My best guess is none, no credibility at all. Just an assembly of the wicked.

Written by Ivar  

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