Roman Catholics offering incense to a wax copy of a corpse

This man died 403 years ago. A wax copy of the corpse is honored in ‪Santa Maria in Campitelli‬ in Rome.

A Roman Catholic priest is offering incense in front of a wax figure.

Saint Giovanni Leonardi (1541 – October 9, 1609) was founder of the Clerks Regular of the Mother of God of Lucca.

The final Rule of his community was published in 1851. Two houses of the Clerks of the Mother of God were opened when he died, three others were opened during the seventeenth century.

The faithful Catholics carry this wax figure on their shoulders.

Giovanni Leonardi was declared Venerable in 1701, beatified by Pius IX in 1861, and canonized by Pius XI on 17 April 1938.

His  feast day is celebrated on October 9.

Source: Wikipedia and others.

Lets take a look at some pictures of this “saint”:

Priests in Rome stand in a circle and pray in front of the wax figure. (click on the image to get a larger copy).
The full “Church” stand and adore the chemical copy of a deceased person.
A wedding couple kneel, and a priest read from scripture facing the doll.

My comment:

I fully understand that decomposed corpses inside “Churches” might give children nightmares. But still it is worth noticing that Roman Catholic priests dress us dolls, or wax figures for their feasts.

Just like small girls, who dress up their barbie dolls.

I feel there might be a connection her. Because Roman Catholic priest do dress up in female clothing, and many of them are gays.

To offer incense to a doll, or a wax figure, is nevertheless a wicked thing to do. There are some obvious questions that must be asked by truth seekers:

When did a wax figure turn out to be “holy”?

Can a wax figure loose the anointing?

Can this kind of anointing jump on to the onlookers?

In fairy tales, puppets do become alive. Some people even start to play the role of their favorite cartoons.

Lets take a look at some more pictures:

The priests are conducting a mass, facing the doll.
Taking the wax figure out of the Church for a stroll.
The children help their father to entertain the wax copy of the corpse of a moral man. Curses are passed from the parents to their children.

To parade a wax figure through the streets, is frankly quite ridicules.  Is there no Roman Catholics who can see that this in a not worthy circus?  Not even for religious people.

Do they think that God of the Bible is a Jester, or just a joke?

Shame on all religious people who attend such assemblies of the wicked. Eternal condemnation is what they deserve. Mercy is what they have to seek. If they do not repent, they will all perish.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all of us. Amen.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Roman Catholics offering incense to a wax copy of a corpse

  1. Shalom

    This is really Satanic
    I don’t think if this demon possessed people really ready their bible because it is clear and simple that forbid such kind of practiced

  2. Shalom
    This is really Satanic
    I don’t think if this demon
    possessed people really ready
    their bible because it is clear
    and simple that God forbid such
    kind of practiced

  3. PLEASE TELL ME HOW ONE CAN SAY THEY HONOR AND OBEY GOD AND JESUS, BUT BE BLINDED AND GO ALONG WITH DEMONIC STUFF LIKE THIS??? WOULDN’T THE HOLY SPIRIT AS WELL LET YOU KNOW, NOT TO DO THIS WICKED THING? This is insane beyond reasoning when does your ‘conscience’ kick in and say, “this is wrong and you shouldn’t be doing it”???

  4. May God our father have mercy on you. Honestly to call our beliefs “satanic” is irritating beyond belief. and Christ himself instated your church. we are the NEW HOUSE OF DAVID. the promise rests with those who may offer the sacrifice, and last time I checked there was no temple.

  5. The heart is the house of God, and our deeds are judged through our intentions, we are not sure what is right or wrong, the holy scriptures won’t lie but our interpretations will always vary. Respect your brethren.

    1. Dear Andre

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      the holy scriptures won’t lie but our interpretations will always vary. Respect your brethren.

      My comment:

      The members of the universal Church are not permitted to be sure about anything, that the Pope has not made true doctrine. It is bassically only the Pope who can correctly interpreate the Word of God. In matters related to moral and true understanding of the Bible the Pope is not fallible. Truly a “god-man”.

      For the members of the true body of Jesus, the scriptures are not fallible. The Word of God is eternaly correct, and can be understood of all who have accepted the Holy Spirit. No man can set the Word of God aside. Neither the Pope, nor enyone else.

      The Word of God is a living book. The Word applied by the Sprit, will guide me today. As it guided people 3.000 years back.

      1. but i have a question for you, do you love God, if you do then we don’t have anything to argue about, if the holy spirit has guided you, does it tell you criticize others. We have our own holy writings, and I know that I maybe made that statement, yet I don’t mean anything to offend anyone, I am leaving a message not to fight but to have peace. I just said that respect is necessary to coexist in this world, we might have different beliefs, ways to honor Him, yet there is something constant in this world, FAITH. and it is not measured through anything but the scarifice you are redy to make because you love Him, it is the freewill to do good and have peace about each and every lessons we will learn, religously or not. Everyone has their own opinion, I respect yours, then please respect ours. Articles like this is not a message of God but merely a thought that you think is something you are obliged to do. We are not even criticizing your practices. Why do you always think that you are doing this to open my eyes from the so called satanic practices. We are AWAKE in a DIFFERENT ROOM and Environment, but I believe that if we prooved ourselves enough, we will ALL go to the same place and we will discover something we don’t know. REMEMBER, there are many versions of reality and it just depends on the mind of a believer no matter what his concept is or was as long as you are doing good, respecting others, mirrors peace and LOVING God

  6. I am a Roman Catholic but i always try to interact inter religously without insulting anyone’s own religion. Remember, religion is our own mother, we might have different practice to show our love for her but still we do the very concept of loving her. I also define it as paths, path to God, and He is unlimited, He comes in different names and identities depending on different people, He can have many forms but still there is one God and it is not any so called Catholic God but God Himself

    And last i checked, we are not worshipping statues or any saints as god, we are HONORING them just as you keep pictures of your family or you put statues of national heroes in plazas.

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