Likud minister warns Iran capable of turning stores of 3.5 percent pure uranium directly into bomb fuel “within weeks.”

Former Israeli Minister of Finance Youval Steinitz see the ongoing betrayal of Israel.
Former Israeli Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz use the correct historical parallel explaining  the ongoing betrayal of Israel.

Israel voiced concern on Tuesday over a potential meeting of the US and Iranian presidents, saying Tehran’s conciliatory overtures to world powers masked an acceleration of its disputed nuclear program.

“We are certainly warning the entire international community that Iran may want an agreement, but it is liable to be the Munich agreement,” Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said in an Army Radio interview, referring to the 1938 appeasement of Nazi Germany.

“Rouhani wants to hoodwink, and some in the world want to be hoodwinked, and the role of little Israel is to explain the truth and to stand in the breach. And that is what we are doing to the best of our abilities. It is a long struggle.”

An official Israeli assessment said Iran now had centrifuges for quickly turning low-enriched uranium into bomb fuel, putting it on a fast track to atomic arms even if it gave up uranium of mid-level purity which had previously been Israel’s focus.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The hypocrisy and double standard comes to us unlimited related to Iran. The truth is that we see a massive global betrayal of Israel. It is the USA and EU who are leading the flock.

The International community is ready to sacrifice Israel, if Obama and his followers can get the Islamic Kingdom of Iran to promise not to attack the secular and hedonistic societies in the West.

The final agreement is just around the corner. We will be presented a piece of paper, and a few signatures. The slogan will be “peace in our days”.  Just like in Munich in 1938.

Do not submit to this evil.

The Messiah has promised salvation to all who submit to Him, and stay faithful till the end. All who obey Him, will face unlimited trouble as we approach the end. But when we meet Yeshua face to face, all the trouble will quickly be forgotten. Eternally.

Stay put in Him. Amen.