Israel allows more building material into Gaza

 Truckloads a week of gravel, cement and steel enter Hamas-ruled territory at Abbas’ request‬‬.

Israel keeps on feeding the Hamas, in a bid to maintain the stale mate.
Israel keeps on feeding the Hamas, in a bid to maintain the stalemate.

But Raed Fattouh, the West Bank-based Palestinian coordinator of supplies into Gaza, said the 70 truckloads Israel was expected to transfer each work day would fall far short of the number needed to meet construction requirements.

“Gaza is in need of up to 400 trucks of gravel, 200 trucks of cement and 100 trucks of steel every day. We have been urging the Israeli side to increase the working hours at the crossing to allow more goods to enter,” Fattouh told Reuters.

Israel began allowing construction material for private projects into the Gaza Strip on Sunday for the first time in six years, in response to a request from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, an Israeli defense official said.

Abbas, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which governs the West Bank but not Gaza, restarted peace talks with Israel in July.


My comment:

I have earlier said that Israel is caught somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea.

First: If Israel do not feed the people of Gaza, the World will claim  there is a humanitarian crisis on this piece of land.

And when Hamas stop humanitarian aid into Gaza, you can be sure no Western media will make a story. And if they do, they will blame the new “humanitarian crisis” on Israel.

Second: If the Hamas-regime in Gaza falls, the International community will force up on Israel a new PLO-state.  So Israel will do what it takes to keep Hamas alive, and accept that a limited number of rockets are fired from Gaza towards Southern Israel.

All believers in the Messiah must rejoice. Because the existence of the Zionist state of Israel is the best proof that there is a living God, that fulfill the Prophetic Word in our days. If Islam is not able to finish off this statehood, than the Bible is true. And judgement and Hell is a grim reality.

Which side are you on?

Will you be found inside the Kingdom of Heaven, or will your soul be tormented for eternity in Hell?

Jesus the Messiah said that only those who do the will of Father God will enter Heaven. And there might be no place for all who delegitimize Israel, or demonize the Jewish people.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

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