Syrian President Assad could cling to power for years despite having lost overall control of his country, Maj.-Gen.

Major General Yair Golan feels Basher al Assad might survive the conflict in Syria.
Major General Yair Golan feels Basher al Assad might survive the conflict in Syria.

Yair Golan, Israel’s top commander on the frontier with Syria, told Yediot Ahronot on Wednesday.

I don’t see any force toppling him tomorrow morning – though he deserves to pass from this world, and the quicker that happens, the better,” Golan said.

He added that Assad’s army had suffered 15,000 fatalities, fired off 40-50 per cent of its long-range missiles and seen some of its anti-aircraft batteries overrun by insurgents.

Golan warned against exaggerating the threat from the radical Sunni jihadis who Israel estimates make up around 10 per cent of those fighting Assad. “The Global Jihad is a bad enemy, but it is a relatively primitive enemy that does not enjoy the backing of a regional power.”

Source: Reuters

My comment:

Basher al-Assad is surely no saint. He is a secular dictator, who persecute and kill his own citizens.

But Assad is frightened for his life. That makes him predictable.

Islamic Jihad is not predictable. Muslim offer their life for “allah”, believing that slaughtering offers will bring them to heaven.  Terrorism is asymmetric warfare. It can strike anywhere, and everyone might become a victim of this extreme evil.

This is why I fail to understand the political leadership in Israel’s adoration of John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. Kerry sides with Islamic barbarism, in a bid to remove a predictable secular dictator.

Since 1973, the border between Israel and Syria has been quiet and peaceful. The moment Assad is replaced by the Jihadist’s, Israel will again face bids to run down the fences at the Golan Heights.

People who read their Bibles, know that the leadership in Israel will eventually fail, under heavy pressure. When the whole International community gang up on the Zionist state, Israel will compromise on Zionist for the sake of “peace”. But not all Jews will surrender.  Jewish settlers on the Mountains of Israel is read to fight for their promised land, gifted to them as the correct caretakers.

Please stand up for Israel. Please support the Jews right to live in Judea and Samaria.

Written by Ivar