Copies of Jesus in the Christian landscape

Jesus warned us not to follow copies. There would come false teachers and lead people astray. Yes, even the very elect, if possible .

Copies of Jesus often rejects either the Lion or the lamb.
Copies of Jesus often rejects either the Lion or the lamb of God.

It is important to be on our guard against copies of Jesus, that operates in the Christian landscape,  and even are proclaimed inside “Christian” assemblies .

Paul talks about Jesus copies . So this is a serious issue, as Christians must assemblies not slide under the carpet.

2 Corinthians 11:4-6

 For those tolerated very well so that someone comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or that they receive a different spirit from the one they have not received, or another gospel, which they have taken the opposite. But I believe that I am not in any way less than these super-apostles . If I may be rude in speech arts , I am not without knowledge, and I have always and in every piece presented to you.What are the characteristics of a copy of Jesus?

Basically will all copies of Jesus lack both the nature and character of God as He is presented in the Bible. Many claim to know ” Jesus “, but have accepted and follows a copy . We must all take note of what Jesus says in Matthew 7: 21-23 :

  Not everyone who says to Me , ‘Lord , Lord, ‘ will enter the kingdom of heaven , but he who makes it my Father in heaven wants. Many will say to Me in that day , ‘Lord , Lord ! Have we not spoken prophecy of thy name , cast out evil spirits in thy name done many mighty deeds in your name ? ‘ Then I’ll say it straight out : ‘ I never knew you. Go away from me , you evil doers ! ‘

We must be able to distinguish between “ God can “ and ” God wants “ . Whoever knows God knows that ” God can .” He could , for example, have prevented that John the Baptist was beheaded . God could also intervene and he prevented that Stephen was stoned . But those who in these days said that good came to save the life of the Baptist or the disciple, were not conveying the will of God. Such people were false prophets, and easy to expose.

Anyone who says that Jesus “can do everything”, must be careful. Jesus can for example not lie . Jesus can not go against the Word. Jesus must on the contrary fulfill all the prophecies . Jesus can not save those who refuse to accept salvation. If He did, He would have set aside the Word.

Jesus is Holy . We can never deny this . If you refuse to repent from sin so that Jesus can not change your life , you are not one of the true followers of Jesus . Many people take pleasure in sin, some even bless sin. Such people mock a Holy God.

There was , for instance, funny in this election campaign , to listen to those who claimed that all Christians had to vote for the party “ The Christians “ . We got right that the party thought, talked and would act in accordance with God ‘s will.

Often I heard that God wanted ” The Christians “ were to be represented in the Parliament of Norway. The political party “The Christians” got 0,7 per cent of the votes. It is of course good that there are idealistic Christians in Norway . I count myself to be one of them. It is also good that there are Christians who are willing to work in political forums, as elected representatives of various political parties .

But it is dangerous to take a holy God in defense of political ideologies. Jesus came , for example, not to Jerusalem to remove the Roman occupation forces . He could of course have done this. But He did not . Those who claim that Jesus made mistakes in Jerusalem, have set them themselves above God.

In the Christian landscape there are a multitude of false teachers and false prophets . It is easiest to expose such people, when they say ” Jesus will ” . They claim to represent God ‘s perfect will in your life. For example, many of them will say : ” Jesus wants to heal you”. The problem arises of course when a person with cancer dies , or when a person is not getting up from his weelchair .

Who is responsible for such failures?

Was it God who failed , or was it the self-proclaimed prophet?

The victim of such evil in Jesus ‘s name, will be the sick person . He will be led into spiritual bondage , and are indirectly accused of not having ” enough faith ” or to hide personal sin.

It is important to be humble, to bow before a holy God. Life on Earth might be a rocky ride , with both victories and defeats. It is in the eternal perspective we can find peace with Jesus the Messiah.

There was nothing wrong with the faith of martyrs who sacrificed their life on Earth for their faith . They were a part of a holy God ‘s perfect will. They were promised , and they will live forever in heaven together with the Father , Son and the Holy Spirit .

Written by Ivar

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