Norway reject Labour party two years after Utoya massacre

Norway’s Labour prime minister was defeated in Monday’s election, just two years after Utoya.

The majority of Norwegians rejected the new totalitarian attitudes of Eskil Pedersen (right). PM Stoltenbegr (center), and former PM Brindtland (left).
The majority of Norwegians rejected the new totalitarian attitudes of Eskil Pedersen (right). PM Stoltenbegr (center), and former PM Brindtland (left).

Just after the massacre, PM Jens Stoltenverg was hailed by his response to the massacre perpetrated by Anders Behring Breivik, a Right-wing extremist.

Jens Stoltenberg urged his compatriots to “answer hatred with love” after those attacks claimed 69 lives, but he appears likely to be kicked out of office anyway. If so, the right-wing Conservatives will return to government for the first time in eight years.

This is partly explained by a reaction against the consequences of mass immigration, which has damaged centre-left parties across Europe. The populist and anti-immigration Progress Party – of which Breivik was briefly a member – also seems poised to do well.

But Mr Stoltenberg’s probable defeat would also be down to his government’s reaction to Breivik’s bomb and gun attacks in Oslo on 22 July 2011, which targeted a summer camp on Utoya island held by Labour’s youth wing.


My comment:

Seeing how the Labor party tried to take advantage of the Utoya massacre, many Norwegians have taken a stand against new totalitalitarian attitudes.

The “Norwegian summer” was triggered by Eskild Pedersen, elder of the Labour Youth (AUF).  He told the Norwegians that freedom of expression could lead the nation astray.  He wanted this constitutional right to be replaced by a concept of  “Responsible expressions”. 

This new age word was a signal that all Norwegians should have the same attitude as the Government. To criticize the rule of the Labor party, was like supporting extreme right wing elements in Norway.

Clearly a policy that easily could be implemented in the former Soviet Union, and Communist China.
We have to thank Jesus the Messiah, that He has convinced Norwegians that their freedom and democracy is worth fighting for. Let us also pray that all deceived communists and socialists in Norway, will we released from their bondage to totalitarianism.

Written by Ivar

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