President Vladimir Putin gave warning that Russia would stand with Syria if America launches military strikes against the country.

Either Obama and Putin will soon face a loss of credibility.
Either Obama and Putin will soon face a loss of credibility. One of them will have to back down from their stand on Syria.

Mr Putin promised to “help” President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the event of a US campaign, showing how Russia and America had failed to narrow their differences over the Syrian civil war during a tense G20 summit in St Petersburg.

President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart could not even agree on the factual point of whether a majority of G20 members supported or opposed military action.

Mr Obama said that most of the 19 countries represented at St Petersburg had backed the US position – and 11 duly signed a statement urging a “strong international response” to the poison gas attacks in Damascus.

Source: The Telegraph, UK.

My comment:

I am still doubtful if Putin will use military force in a bid to stop US aggression in Syria.  But by the words of the Russian President, we are facing the first direct military confrontation between USA and Russia since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

The World at large has forgotten that the World ha sheen nuclear for the last 60 years. Both the US and Russia have enough nuclear millions, to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth.

It is interesting that it is the US President’s support for Islamic forces that brings him in direct confrontation with Moscow. Neither because of any aggression against US interest in any foreign nation, nor because of ay attack on the American Homeland.

At lot is at stake. We can at lest expect a face off, where on of these two world leaders will loose credibility.  And for sure: The sufferings of the Syrians will continue.

Written by Ivar