Cartoon of the day # 287

A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

18 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 287

    1. Dear Rose.


      You wrote:

      Sorry but I find the cartoon insensitive to ones feelings.

      My comment:

      I understand your feelings. Many Muslims feel the same about Muhammad-cartoons. Most Christians do not like people making fun of Jesus. Israel is always in the receiving end of political cartoonism in the Muslim World. Still the Muslims burn down church buildings in Iraq and Pakistan, if they do not like cartoons about Islam published in Denmark.

      If we want to live in a free society with freedom of expression, we have to tolerate such messages. We must not submit to Islam, who use violence in a bid to make us submit to Sharia Laws, and bring the very end to freedom and democracy.

      1. >>>>If we want to live in a free society with freedom of expression, we have to tolerate such messages.<<< I have heard this remark for many years…and to be right frank I still have not changed my heart or mind, that this is all to often used as a way to get people to 'allow' anything that is contrary to The Lord Jesus Christ, all that is right and just. To live in a Free Society, 'Freedom is a Gift, it is not bought by all manner of 'ifs' for the ungodly to get their way as they slowly (recently very fast) take away the things that are 'true, lovely, pure all that pertain to God and His Righteousness for the lives of all who fear and reverence HIM. I am in no way objecting to Ivar's remark, just remembering all the "IF's" used to get anything passed as a Law and/or belief in Church, Society, !

  1. The overall message is good, but you are right, this could really hurt people who have lost loved ones in 9/11. All of us remember watching these horrible clips jumping out of windows. i remember crying understanding their desperation.

    1. Hey Sue girl not to leave you out today..I’m on my way to lay down again..and say Gloria’s name and here you are too…wow a double what do they call that ”a Daily Double’ …haha…well all I told her (read below) same goes to you too sister of our Lord Jesus and of mine too,,most beloved of our Heavenly Father..what a joy it is to be in His Family…My God we are so blessed…I called a beautician to set an appointment she asked ‘how are you’ norm response is ‘I’m blessed’…she said your cuz comes in once a week and she tells me the truth’…we know you are blessed but she tells me the truth..Sue…It aches my heart that these dedicated Christians can not see the richness of ‘I’m blessed’….sure you can be riddled with ‘a fungus among us’…(haha) as Job was but first and foremost we ”are blessed”…few very few will ask question ‘how are blessed but when they do…Ohhhh Glory do I enjoy telling them drooling like some love-sick pup how blessed I am…(am)..but the majority wants to hear ….you be blessed my Sister in the mighty name of our beloved Savior…with the deepest love of God shed abroad in our hearts yall are prayed for…

  2. “One more thing (smile) on this Cartoon”…I do not find it offensive, in fact I find it most needed to remind the followers of Lies and manipulations to see just how serious that ‘Attack’ was and just how ‘not serious it was taken then and more so daily’…if it was years ago it would of been attacking the Nation, but ‘lets’ just go after the ‘ones who flew the planes..with that stupid thought, then we did Japan and Germany a great disservice…we should of ‘only gone after the Pilots who bombed Pear Harbor and only gone after the soldiers who were the killers of prisoners in the Concentration Camps of which we did go after the ones that were not ‘profitable to the US and/or the Countries who plied for their ‘abilities’ …What a farce…Lord Jesus Come Quickly!

    1. What do you mean ”or” the person who posted it?
      Would you prefer the cartoon be of ”Puppy Dogs and Kitty Cats”….of which ”all the plans that went down that day …had
      Animals on it also…Just curious ‘What constitutes a Christian?”

  3. i for one support your right to purposely offend others in some kind of sick, juvenile attempt to gain attention to compensate for your own insecurity.
    we all have the right to our opinions, we have the right to speak and express ourselves and even the right to be stupid. bravo, stupid! try considering other’s feelings and execising some tolerance and sensitivity.

    1. Mike,

      If you are offended by the cartoon, perhaps it is because it is likely true the terroists behave his way? And I would request you hold back on the name calling, and speak correctly.


      1. that’s rich. i attempt to defend your freedom of speech, exercise my own and get told to be polite !! “hello kettle…” \
        maybe you should apply the same to the cartoon you posted. but then again, rarely do people like you see their own need for ‘holding back’
        hypocrite… how’s that for a name? look in a mirror sometime.

      2. Mike I realize I don’t have any Dogs in this Race….yet as I read this response …I had a great desire to say …(and I hope you don’t mind)….Sweetheart this Ole World is so corrupt our time here is so short with all or any of the desire to seek goodness anywhere we can find it in all of us who want what is right, ya think we should seek a way to find that “tiny spot” of peace with one another…I do hope so! you and yours are in my prayers…

      3. Mike,

        I’m not the one sitting here and insulting your intelligence. That is what I mean when I asked you to speak correctly. I don’t go around calling people “stupid” and so forth.

        And if you continue to do so, you will be spammed from this site.

  4. Oh my,
    i just noticed…. the reply i got to ‘hold back’ was NOT from Ivar, but from Gloria. my apologies at having applied the original cartoon to gloria and having responded to her as if Ivar had rebuked me…
    i was wrong on both counts.
    Ivar has not, as of yet, limited my free expression
    and Gloria wasn’t the one who authored the cartoon post onnthis article.

      1. Hi Gloria, just a quick hello, and let you know you are in my prayers, say your name as I was about to sign off of here…and felt I wanted to take a second or shree (smile) to say you are special to the Household of Faith, thanks for being determined to remain a member of the Family of the Blessed Family of our Lord Jesus Christ….Let the peace of our Savior remain in your heart in spite of what goes around..sometimes I think the ‘goes-around’ is like a Carousel and it is not pretty or interested anymore…Thank God I don’t even want to ride their horses either.they are like the world always up one day and down another …haha…have a wonderful day Sister…you are loved and a blessing in the midst of wolves…

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