They might snatch your hair gel, but will permit you to travel on domestic flights using someone else smart phone as “ID”.

Only God knows know is the owner of this phone.
Only God knows who the owner of this phone is. But you can travel by any flight, using someone else smartphone.

Everyday, millions of people are “test-rabbits” on airports all over the World.

Despite not having any links to terrorism, you are treated as a security risk.  If you have a few milliliter to much toot paste in your hand luggage, the security man will snatch it.  You personal belongings and body are searches.

Your access of toot paste is seen as a security issue. But no one will mind you traveling, using someone else smartphone.  Simply before the ongoing testing of smartphone technology and usages, are beyond the limits of reason, and have suspended all security rules and regulations. For some time.

Looking for the man with access of tooth paste.
Looking for the man with access of tooth paste, or some extra hair gel.

Because, suddenly the Government will discover this massive hole in their airport security arrangements, and cry wolf.

Not to suspend the demand for an electronic ID chip to permit you to travel, but to demand it to be implemented on your body.

Because,  today “someone” can snatch or misuse your smartphone-ID software.  But an implemented devise will offer a bona fide security solution.

Fraud, fraud, fraud. The systems that will be used by the last and final anti-Christ, is being developed with your support.

When are you going to open your eyes, and renounce this evil?

Written by Ivar