The ammunition delivering sarin gas was manufactured in the north of Syria by the so-called Bashair al-Nasr brigade”.

The Islamic mass murderers for "allah" is willing to use any weapons against infidels.
The Islamic mass murderers for “allah” is willing to use any weapons against infidels.

Russia releases key findings on chemical attack near Aleppo indicating similarity with rebel-made weapons

Probes from Khan al-Assal show chemicals used in the March 19 attack did not belong to standard Syrian army ammunition, and that the shell carrying the substance was similar to those made by a rebel fighter group, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

A statement released by the ministry on Wednesday particularly drew attention to the “massive stove piping of various information aimed at placing the responsibility for the alleged chemical weapons use in Syria on Damascus, even though the results of the UN investigation have not yet been revealed.”

By such means “the way is being paved for military action” against Damascus, the ministry pointed out.

But the samples taken at the site of the March 19 attack and analyzed by Russian experts indicate that a projectile carrying the deadly nerve agent sarin was most likely fired at Khan al-Assal by the rebels, the ministry statement suggests, outlining the 100-page report handed over to the UN by Russia.

The key points of the report have been given as follows:

• the shell used in the incident “does not belong to the standard ammunition of the Syrian army and was crudely according to type and parameters of the rocket-propelled unguided missiles manufactured in the north of Syria by the so-called Bashair al-Nasr brigade”;

• RDX, which is also known as hexogen or cyclonite, was used as the bursting charge for the shell, and it is “not used in standard chemical munitions”.

Source: Russian TV

My comment:

Let med first underline: The first victim of war, is the truth.  Russia surely is interested in supporting the secular dictatorship of Basher al-Assad.  Equally guilty of war crimes, as the opposite forces.

But the last Russian findings are logic, and in line with common sense.

al-Qaeda killed 1900 Americans on September 11th 2001, without mercy. In stead of using sarin gas, they used aircraft fuel. The effect was the same. Massive deaths of innocent people, including fellow Muslims. For the “good Islamic cause”, al-Qaeda will be willing to use any tools.

The disaster that has taken place sins September 11th 2001, is that the US has elevated a semi-Muslim to the post of Commander in Chief. He has a different world view than most Americans, and do feel Islam has the right to fight a Jihad.

The fruits of the Obama regime is a complete turnaround in US Foreign policy. From branding Islamic militant forces as terrorist, to calling them “rebels” and even “freedom fighters”.

In this way, the US Administration becomes guilty of war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

 Romans 2:9

There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.

Behold: We are in the last days of extreme evil

Don’t be alarmed. Jesus the Messiah, the prince of peace, is about to return to terminate the present forces of lawlessness.

Written by Ivar