Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned America and its allies against taking one-sided action in Syria.

Vladimir Putin is not going to stop the US from sending missiles into Syria.
Vladimir Putin is not going to stop the US from sending missiles into Syria, but use stern languages to warn the World about the non sense of Obama.

He said any military strikes without UN approval would be “an aggression”.

US President Barack Obama has called for punitive action in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

Mr Putin said Russia did not rule out supporting a UN Security Council resolution authorising force, if it was proved “beyond doubt” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

On Tuesday evening, members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee agreed on a draft resolution backing the use of US military force.

The measure, to be voted on next week, sets a time limit of 60 days on any operation.

According to the draft resolution, the operation would be restricted to a “limited and tailored use of the United States Armed Forces against Syria”, and ban the use of any ground forces.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

The Russian naval base in Tartus in Syia, is mostly a non-functional base for maintenance of Russian War ships. It was established in the Soviet Union area, and can no longer fix any of the large size Russian war ships deployed in the Mediterranean sea.

But, this base symbolizes that Russia have had, and do have, military, political and economical interests in Syria. So fare, the USA has had none of such.

The US calculations will have to include a possible Russian response. It was rather interesting that neither secretary Kerry, nor secretary Hagel, even mentioned the word “Russia” in their presentation to the Congress committee yesterday.

Neither did the two ministers in the Obama Administration, utter the word “Islam”.  To even mention the word “Islam” as having anything to do with the conflict in Syria, would obviously be offensive to Barack Hussein, who was born by a Muslim father.

Barack Hussein started his Middle East mission in Cairo in 2009, by branding Islam as “a religion of peace”. Now the whole administration in Washington D.C seems to be ready to join the Islamic forces in Syria on their proposed “peace mission”.

Since Russia do not have any sizable military presence in Syria, I am doubtful that Vladimir Putin will do more than calling the claims of Obama for “utter rubbish”. Russia have for the past years seen its interests in Syria been reduced to rubble, and Putin might not mind the USA to take over the responsibility for the present mess.

We who are followers of Jesus the Messiah, knows that Russia, China, Iran and the USA will eventually unite. Because there is a bigger target, that needs to be hunted down. The existence of Zionist Israel, the very proof that there is a God of the Bible. It is not comfortable for the pagans to let Israel exist as the very proof that they all will face judgment and eternity in Hell.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls, and save all who put their trust in Him. Amen.

Written by Ivar