Population of Israel has reached eight million

On the eve of the Jewish New Year of 5774, Israel’s population stands at 8.081 million.

The state of Israel is a democratic nation, having 2 million Muslim citizens.
The state of Israel is a democratic nation, having 2 million Muslim citizens.

The population of Israel is including 6.066 million Jews, 1.67 million Arabs, and 345,000 “others,” the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Monday.

The data indicate that 75.1 per cent of the population are Jews, 20.7 per cent are Arab; and 4.2 per cent are “others.”

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

Israel is the only nation on the face of the Earth, where the Jewish people are in majority.

But the state of Israel is not a racist state, as many misguided people continue to tell others.

20 per cent of the Israelis, are Arabs. The large majority of them Muslims. They live inside Israel with Israeli citizenship, and own their houses and private businesses.

If you look at the Arab nations around Israel, all the Jews were expelled after 1948. These Arab nations have become “Jew free zones”, and are as racist as the former Apartheid regime in South Africa.

In the new proposed “Palestinian state”, there will also be no-Jews. All settlements of Jews will be demolished, and the Jews expelled. The Muslim World is surely as cleaned for Jews, as Nazi-Germany was supposed to be.

The lies, claiming Israel to be racist, have been told so many times by the Global Media, that more or less every westerners now believe the lies.

But, not you I presume?

Some of us, still go beyond the antisemitic  propaganda machinery, to search for the truth.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Population of Israel has reached eight million

  1. Racism against Jews is systemic even within countries that hypocritically claim to be friendly toward Israel. The current British government refuses to pay pensions to retired British Jews who choose to live in Judea and Samaria, thus supporting the Arabs in their racist quest to create yet another Judenrein state. But what can we expect from the people who created the African apartheid system?

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