Brazil and Mexico probe claims US spied on presidents

Brazil and Mexico have both demanded an explanation from the US over claims that the NSA spied on their presidents.

Obama is like a snake in the grass. He flirts, having first read all your emails. Here Dilma Rousseff.
Obama is like a snake in the grass. He flirts, having first read all your emails.  He rallies you behind his plans. Here with Dilma Rousseff.

Internet data from Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff and Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto was intercepted, journalist Glenn Greenwald told Brazil’s TV Globo.

Mr Greenwald obtained secret files from US whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Brazil said data interception would represent an unacceptable violation of sovereignty. Mexico called for a probe.

“You cannot allow… a US agency, or someone that has been hired by the US government, to follow what any Brazilian citizen is doing,” Brazilian Senator Eduardo Suplicy told the BBC’s Newshour programme.

Both the Brazilian and Mexican governments summoned their respective US ambassadors. Mexico requested an “an exhaustive investigation” to determine who may be responsible for the alleged spying on Mr Pena Nieto’s emails before his election last year, the AFP news agency reported

Source: BBC

My comment:

To be able to understand the present changes in the USA, you need to acknowledge how the definition of “the enemy” has changed.

In pre-World War II area, the US needed Communist Russia as an enemy, to continue the war economy. On old friend during the struggle against Nazism, immediately became “the enemy”.

After the fall of Communism in 1991, Radical Islam and terrorism became the enemy.  Again, an old ally as the Taliban became a target for US missiles.

Post President W. Bush we saw another change. The “war on terror” changed into the “war on extremism”.  Now, the former Islamic friends, who turned emery for 10 years, had again become a friend. And “an extremist” were supposed to be a person who is critical to globalism, and US Foreign policies. In other words: The enemy can be anyone, and be found anywhere.

Obama is therefore right when he says he is not spying on “friends”. Because everyone might be the enemy.  Obama feels he is above the law, and a law to him self. Truly, a veer powerful man of lawlessness.

 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.

Syria is going to face the wrath of this anti-Christ. And west of the Golan Heights, just downhill, lies the Biblical fields of Armageddon. The path to destruction have never been shorter for the International community. And the highway to Hell, have always been filled with blood and outspoken “good” intentions.

Open your Bibles, read and obey. The Son of man will return in a moment when he is not expected, the World believing it has achieved “peace”.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Brazil and Mexico probe claims US spied on presidents

  1. If this didn’t sound so much like the ‘script’ that was read from Pharaoh Bush a few years back and so many jumped on that Band-Wagon to kill the Big Bad Meanie who even showed the world he even ‘gave a glass of milk to a young boy’ so he wasn’t so mean’…and the USA in their highly intelligent artful games of War made Monopoly look low key they added a new game to be added to the Sin City of the World…of Cards,….with each of the “Ones to Kill” it became a huge game of laughter and broadcasted nightly which Card Pictures were still up for grabs to be Killed and who got murdered that day…Oh what joy…

    Now a few short years later after finding out supposedly that Big Bad meanie who was funded and founded in the cave with millions of US Dollars ‘from America’..hahaha’ we have another brightly Pharaoh paying off another ‘Moderate..Peaceful Islamic people’ (who tip-toe through the Tulips as the song went’ yet the the Dead lay all around’…and where is Israel…in all of this…. Right where the World wants Israel…. Where the USA and any other lying, mangy, flea-bitten-lice-ridden-leg-humping anything it can and wag it’s tail to get what it wants and call it ‘Peace’ when it is nothing but what it has been from the beginning of time…a liar and a father of lies and father liars… this is the same thing…. so watch careful…. get your Pop Corn and Coke Cola …Enter Stage Left…the appearance of weak (but leader of Eve in the Garden)…Enter Stage Right …. the appearance of helper of the ones gassed (but only interested in Territory (same game in Berlin)…. there will be more ‘entrances of ‘looker on’s but they are the ones that are ‘called to help’ from the isles to bring about the fulness of the games that Man thinks he is really going to get his work done…Don’t forget the ‘love between Pharaoh Obama sharing his ‘real support to the Pharaoh of France when they both thought they were talking in private and hahaha…the microphone was open to the World….”that heard the hateful remarks against the Leader of Israel”…. that was No Mistake…God is not mocked……nor is He forgetful…..(smile) ….

    Hope you got your seats picked out…less you’ll be part of the play…
    If not…there’s still room at the Cross of Jesus Christ who shed His blessed blood for your sins as well as mine…be wise if this is not the War that is …the next one very well could be…but it’s just too blasted lined up for the Whole World wanting the USA and others to Bomb Syria (Damascus), (don’t be stupid, do the math, (history, see how close it is to Galilee, Nazareth, (smile) where so much of where Jesus and the Miracles took place, see open your eyes, how close it is to Israel, read The Word of God, read the prophets in the later days, ‘read’ hear what they said, what Jesus said, you’d have to be blinded line I was by a dumb devil before Jesus opened my eyes to His loving Mercy…the Muslims ‘wants’ bombs to hit that close to Israel…pray for Israel, pray for Jerusalem, Jesus said…Jesus also said, Pray your flight will not be in the winter….pray…take his ‘safety warnings’ of what not to do if these things come upon you…he gives us a list….don’t be stupid and think it is just for one Nation…if His Word is for us all then it is for us all…

    Blessed be the Name of the Messiah The Lord Jesus Christ My God My God…

    Gloria if you still have my email address please email me.
    Thank you…It’s important…God Bless…

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