Its is not a coincidence that Rick Warren has chosen Rwanda for his “Peace” project. This state is suitable for building an anti-Christian role model.

Rick Warren was last week back in Rwanda, testing out his ideology.
Rick Warren was last week back in Rwanda, testing out his ideology.

Rick Warren was last week back in Rwanda.  For the first time, I decided to do some research on this small nation in central Africa. Trying to get the idea of why Warren has chosen just this land, for the test of his “peace” plan.

Not so strange, it is obviously easier to get a small and victimized people of colonialism,  to buy your ideology and ideas. Than a larger and more settled Colonial power in Europe. Rwanda is young, small and weak nation, where the dollars from Saddleback Church and the United Nations, can give a man like Warren great powers.

But related to spiritual matters: What is it about Rwanda?

By just a quick look at the parameters of this nation, you will see that is is the perfect candidate for an “anti-Christian” experiment.

Rwanda has better discernment than America. Few people came and listen to Warren.
Rwanda has better discernment than America. Hardly a couple of thousands came and listen to Warren.

To merge the World religions into One on a global scale is surely a very difficult task. In particular if you do not have no “show case” to convince the World. Rick Warren has distributed his ideas world wide. Now it is time to perform, and turn the ideology into practice.

The nation of Rwanda is branded as a “Christian nation”, with a small Muslim minority.  Just like any European country, and even the USA.  But is Rwanda populated by Christians?

This nation is being used for an anti-Christian experiment.
This nation is being used for an anti-Christian experiment.

First: Looking at the statistics, you will see that 56,5 per cent of the Rwandans are Roman Catholics.

So the message of “Christianity” has already been twisted and corrupted, now blessed by pastor Rick Warren.

Rwanda is not more Christian than Argentina or Italy. It is a “Catholic nation”.

Second:  The population of Protestant Christians are 37,1 per cent.

But that is if you includes the 11,1 per cent of the Rwandans who are Seventh Day Adventists, a sect.

So hardly a quarter of Rwandans are Christians, as we normally define Evangelical Christianity.

Third:  With a large base of Roman Catholics, Warren expects all “Christians” to accept Catholicism, on their way to achieve “religious unity”. This is a must before people can become supporters of Warrens “Inter faith projects”.  Afterwards, they are all going to accept working in projects with the Muslims. In Rwanda, amounting to 4,6 per cent of the population.

Forth: Many Rwandans view the Christian God as synonymous with the traditional Rwandan “god” Imana

This is what a Rwandan website records, in regards ti this “god” that is this unknown for almost all of us:

Rwandans traditionally have always believed in one Supreme Being, called Imana.  Imana controls the entire world, but He comes back to Rwanda every night to rest, as Rwanda is His home.  The name Imana is thought to have magical powers, and is invoked when naming children and when offering a blessing, comfort, or promise.  Some of the names given to children include :

Habimana = God is supreme
Habarurema = the Creator is supreme
Habiyakare = the One at origin is supreme
Twagirimana = only God can save us.

Imana is inherently good, needs nothing, and rarely intervenes in people’s lives.  He does, however determine a person’s destiny at birth.  If a person becomes ill, acquires great debt, or has a failed marriage, you can determine that the person was created by Ruremakwaci, the name of Imana used to describe a time when He sets someone’s destiny in a negative fashion.  There are numerous folk tales which describe Imana giving great gifts and then taking them away due to greediness or disloyalty.

The people of Rwanda worship the dead, the Abazimus, and offer sacrifices to them. Not so different from Roman Catholics at large.

In addition to abazimu, there are also spirits of dead heroes called imandwa.  There hero’s of Imwanda are very powerful and require special worship. Not so different from the “saints” of Catholicism.

Both Christianity and Islam were introduced in Rwanda in the 19th century.  And although both religions demanded total abstinence from the traditional religions, at least ¼ of the people mixed their previous religion with their new one.

Source of information:

My comment:

When deception comes, it is important to act immediately and close the gates that have been opened. In regards to Rick Warren, these gates have been wide open for quite some time.

The widespread worship of this “god” in Rwanda can be used by Rick Warren, to unite all Rwandans. The problem with this “god” is that “it” has replaced God of the Bible. The gospel is at best watered down.

The worship of “Imana” is nevertheless perfect for reaching a huge compromise. Based on a common agreement that “god is love”, and that we all have to “love our neighbor”. The blood of Jesus being totally rejected, or deleted from the message.

There can never be true love, outside of the truth. There can never be true “peace” before true repentance, and submission for the righteousness of Jesus the Messiah.

Rick Warren is walking deeper into the end time deceptions. He is paving the way for the regime of the anti-Christ. Warrens bid to create a role model is unfolding in Rwanda.

Written by Ivar