The oncoming US “Tomahawk diplomacy”

The Nobel “peace”price winner in Washington D.C is on yet another path towards war.  

This is how Obama is planning to bring "peace" to the Syrians.
This is how Obama is planning to bring “peace” to the Syrians.

Obama is truly unique. The Norwegians gave their “peace price” to a man who desire to commit mass murder in Syria.

The “peace maker” in Washington D.C, sits on the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. 100 times more deadly and powerful than the stock piles of chemical weapons of the present Syrian regime.

And that are the modern “peace records” of the USA?

Every U.S. president since 1991 has ordered Tomahawk launches – in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Yemen, Sudan, and two years ago when Obama supported the rebels in Libya.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

The Russian President is not using classical diplomatic phrases, when he voices his opinion in regards to the American war plans for Syria, in support of Islamic Jihad.

The BBC has reported that Mr Putin said it would be “utter rubbish” for Syria’s government to provoke opponents with such gas attacks when it was in a position of strength.

My comment:

In increasingly larger numbers, educated people have been able to discern Barack Hussein Obama. And even some laymen too.

Norwegian socialist leader Thorbjørn Jagland gives Obama the Nobel peace price.
Norwegian socialist leader Thorbjørn Jagland gives Obama the Nobel peace price.

After the Norwegians gave the US President the “Nobel price of peace”, the Commander in Chief in the White House has started two wars.  Now he is in the edge of starting number three.

The first thing Hussein Obama did was to increase the number of US soldiers in Afghanistan, and intensify the drone attacks inside Pakistan, killing Pakistani civilians in a not known number.

Next: The winner of the “peace price” removed a secular dictator in Libya, and helped the Islamic Jihad to take control over the Government in Tripoli.

Now, the “peacemaker” has decided that an unknown number of Syrians have to pay the ultimate price for his “peace plans”.  An attack on Syria, is a punishment, according to the Obama administration.  But not a punishment of the Islamic Jihad, slaughtering people in the name of  “allah”.

Never before, has the Nobel Institute been disgraced like this. The chairman of its peace price committee Thorbjørn Jagland, is the most incompetent political leader, that we have ever seen in this chair. He reached the level of his competence, long before he became the Secretary general of the Labor Party in Norway, more than 20 years ago.

The who “Nobel peace institute” has been reduced to a laughing stock, a “war institute”. When men like Obama talk about “peace”, there are innocent civilians to me killed. Not so difference from the empathy rhetoric we saw from political leaders in Europe, just before the start of World War II. 60 million people being slaughtered by the incompetent “peace makers”.

Written by Ivar

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