The first victims of Obama will be the political prisoners in Syria. They will be fried by US missiles. while the generals hide in their bunkers.

The political prisoners have been removed to the Mezzeh airbase, to be executed by the USA.
The political prisoners in Syria have been removed to the Mezzeh Airbase west of Damascus, to be executed by the President of the USA.

Thousands of Syrian prisoners have been moved to military targets to be used as human shields against Western air strikes, the opposition Syrian National Coalition claimed.

In Damascus, residents said they saw buses filled with inmates being taken to sites the regime believes could be targets, such as the Mezzeh airbase.

Source: Mirror, UK.

My comment:

What we see displayed in the Syrian civil war, is extreme evil. Cruelties, not seen since the days of Nazi-Germany.

Secular dictator Basher al-Assad is surely a part of this evil. But he is facing some of the worst barbarians who have ever walked on the face of the Earth, Islamic warriors who kill for “allah”, using the most grotesque killing techniques, when they honor their “god”.

That Basher Al Assad is alive in by its self a miracle. The Taliban managed to kill all its secular opponents by sending suicide bombers with false messages of “peace”.  Basher could face betrayal of one of his commanders any minute.

In Basher, Obama is facing his match. The Syrian leader knows for sure, that his air bases will be reduced to dust, if the US  launch a missile attack. Therefor, in their thousands, the Islamic Jihadist’s will be fried by the American weaponry, the day the airfields of Syria is destroyed.  It would be an irony, that Obama’s first victims of the Hell-fire he is planning to send to Syria, will slaughter the men Washington is planning to support.

Unfortunately, among the political prisoners, now hand cuffed to Syrian aircraft’s and helicopters, there are genuine political prisoners.  Secular men, who desire to see freedom and democracy being installed in Syria. So these men too, will be killed by the first incoming missiles, sent by the Nobel price of peace winner, Barack Hussein Obama.

Surely, the “peace makers” are working overtime to create as mush bloodshed as possible, to horn their “god”. He is no one else than “Baal”, another name for Satan.

Written by Ivar