Cartoon of the day # 288

A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

4 thoughts on “Cartoon of the day # 288

  1. This Cartoon is very accurate …however I was very surprised at the language….one hears that all the time on TV …it’s like children who have learned their first cuss word,…they have to use it all the time! I don’t see where Christians should! So whoever chose that word to go with this Cartoon….perhaps his vocabulary may increase in the future, I do pray so. As for ‘anger’ …that world works too! …a Holy Anger…burns in all of us as we watch this World do it’s utter best to take all that is pure, holy, good and decent and turn it into PURE UNADULTERATED FILTH…acting like “Alley Cats”…No wonder Men treat women so terrible, with no respect…they have a Potty Mouth as bad as a Drunken Sailor on Shore Leave..! And the Men are not called on their mouth either! Well that P—- word is for the Bathroom…not an example of ‘Anger’! Jesus used Anger…it’s good enough for Him it should be good enough for His People!

  2. Be angry and sin not Eph. 4:26! That includes using a fowl mouth. But now you yourselves are to put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth, etc Gal. 3:8-11. We are witnesses to the world are we not?

    1. dear..the world has ever changed and is bringing even more accessible and acceptable foul language from women reporting describing the news as it makes them feel…when just a few years ago as time is counted..a drunken sailor on leave would know a female who spoke so easily without being in anger or great defense of her family safety….was nothing more than trash…of any color ..any side of the were tbe men who spoke in front of them no matter tbe age….yet today today there Is no respesct for God. men women as a whole..this cartoon…after 2 yrs I responded…I all the more reveals the hearts of those not afraid of meeting Jesus and depicts the reality of the finality some have tried for years to warn that is ……yet people chose to sleep…..awake repent thou that sleepth. less a worse thing come among you …

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