Iran: CNN “Fabricated” Rouhani translation

The state controlled media of totalitarian Iran accuse CNN of fabricating Rouhani recognition of the Holocaust. A CNN interview with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani quickly made international headlines after the new president reportedly recognized the Holocaust. On’s home page Wednesday, the main headline for Christiane Amanpour’s interview with Rouhani read, “Iran’s New President: Yes,… Read More Iran: CNN “Fabricated” Rouhani translation

The “Christian” fatwa against Israel

The Global Church ignores the threats to itself from the very Palestinian Arabs it supports, for the sake of Israel-bashing. The World Council of Churches, an ecumenical body which claims to represent 590 million Christians worldwide and based in Switzerland, will sponsor an event supporting the partition and Islamization of Jerusalem. OP-ED, Giulio Meotti The… Read More The “Christian” fatwa against Israel