– Syria expose Obama’s support of al Qaeda

The plan for a military campaign demonstrate that the U.S. is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda against the Syrian regime.

Norwegian senior journalist Odd Karsten Tveit in one of his moments of truth.
Norwegian senior journalist Odd Karsten Tveit in one of his moments of truth.

These are the words of Odd Kartsten Tveit, a secular Norwegian senior journalist who has worked with Middle East Issues for more than 30 years.

This is recorded by Norwegian media:

If the U.S. goes to attack Syria will be the first time in history that an American president is on the same side as Al Qaeda.

Earlier, in Afghanistan, Americans contented themselves with equipping extreme Islamists with weapons to fight a common enemy. It was once the enemy the Soviet Union.

Of course, Americans do not agree that they are on the same side as those who attacked the United States for almost exactly 12 years ago, 11 September 2001.

There are other ironies. Unmanned U.S. doner kill Al Qaeda people in Yemen and Pakistan. In addition, many civilians lose their lives in these attacks.

But Syria is Al Qaeda’s twin, Al-Nurse-front, material help of America’s allies. Al-Nurse-front is one of many groups that will remove Assad. If they all have a common goal, they disagree about what should happen next in the country.

Source: Norwegian state TV, NRK

My comment:

Let me underline that Odd Karstein Tveit is notorious for his support of Arab forces, during their wars with Israel.  Still I acknowledge that in regards to the conflict in Syria, he has drawn the correct conclusion.

Obama is not a Christian. He is born by a Muslim father. The not converted US Commander in Chief, consider Islam to be the “religion of peace”.  No true Christian will ever utter such words.

Osama Bin Laden was born in Saudi Arabia, into a family of Sunny Muslims. That 11 of the 12 attackers on September 11th 2001 were Saudis, did not result in a US military attack to punish the regime in Riyadh.

Washington today, seems convinced that the Shia supported regime in Damascus, must be punished for the crimes done by Syrians, using nerve gas on their own brethren.

Such a response is not logical, and can be compared to the US onslaught on Afghanistan, while continuing to support Saudi Arabia.

Lets take a look at some pictures, that display the reason behind the absence of common sense and logic.

George W. Bush could not attack his Order brother, the king of the Saudis.
George W. Bush could not attack his Order brother, the king of the Saudis.
Bush and his order brother walking hand in hand.
Bush and his order brother walking hand in hand.

For George W. Bush it was simply not possible to attack Saudi Arabia. Not only did the US import 20 per cent of its oil supplies from the Saudis. The Islamic King of Saudi Arabia is an Order brother of W. Bush, who already had gifted the US President with an Islamic Order medal.

Barack Hussein honored by Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.
Barack Hussein honored by Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.

In regards to Barach Hussein Obama, his support for al-Quade is neither based on convenience, nor by bribes, like in the case of W. Bush. Obama is convinced that his Sunni Muslim brothers, are fighting for “allah”. Obama feel he silently support a noble cause, and desire to bring an end to the Islamic civil by the use of the supreme military powers of NATO.

The majority of people in the secular west have turned to hedonism,  and live a life in self indulgences and denial of the truth. If the West were still connected to reason, there would be a massive revolt in protest of this kind of misuse of NATO.  But since the Islamic threat has been imported to Europe too, the cowards remain silent. If there is any logic, the logic seems to be: As long as the bombs keep on falling in my neighbors garden, no need to worry.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “– Syria expose Obama’s support of al Qaeda

  1. Personally I wish that USA stay out of it. It has said that its response will be short and decisive. The only outcome I see if this action is taken is not good. It will strengthen Al-Quieda, it will bring about regime change that will bring the brotherhood in control and may bring more disaster on Israel. While I believe Israel expects US to attack, I believe they want them too. This has been reported. Israel has said they are ready to retaliate and if they do it will be hell for those on the receiving end of their retaliation. Pray for the people of God, (those in Christ) in the region, as they face great suffering, Pray for Innocent Israeli’s as they face difficult times. The longer things go on the more americans don’t want any intervention

    1. Dear Todd.


      Yes, let us pray for the chosen people of God, the Jews. And for those who have been added, believing in the Jewish Messiah.

      Regime change in Syria is not at the hands of Obama. Neither could Obama prevent the last regime change in Cairo. What we now see is the very bankruptcy of the US Foreign policy in the Middle East.

      Obama and the USA can only add to the destruction of Syria. The present regime in Damascus has powerful friends, that may even get a semi-Muslim as Obama to do a rethink before sending off some Tomahawks. Russia, China and Iran do not like the present bully in the White House. That the US has almost 17 trillion US dollar in debts, will only ad to the sufferings of the US tax payers.

  2. Do you really know why most Americans don’t rise up and revolt? Misinformation. That’s why. Nobody knows what the truth is. We hear different stories coming from all sides. We’re not in Syria, nor are we in the secret meetings with the people who hold the power. How are we really suppose to know what’s truth and what isn’t when everyone (including you) has an agenda or favors one side or the other?? Most of us just want peace. We want to raise our families in peace, and really don’t understand why anyone else would want different. Why? Because one religion thinks their beliefs are more righteous and true than another religions? Jealousy? Oil? Money?? All of it is absolutely ridiculous and everyone just needs to relax and calm down. Enjoy your life while you have it. Mind your own business. Love your family. If everyone did this, the world would be a much better place.

  3. WE know what is going on, as G-d spells it out very clear. He also said anyone against HIS Chosen is cursed and each nation that does will be destroyed. and becasue they did not believe the truth, G-d said HE would send a lie and they would believe it too.

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