No Sharia laws permitted in North Carolina

North Carolina has become the seventh state to explicitly prohibit Sharia law interpretation in court after Gov. Pat McCrory denied vetoing House bill 522.

Gov. Pat McCrory is a brave man, resiting the pressure from Washington D.C.
Governor Pat McCrory is a brave man, resisting the pressure from Washington D.C.

McCrory, a Republican, refused to sign the bill, entitled “Foreign Law/Protect Constitutional Rights,” calling it “unnecessary.” However, he also did not actively veto the bill, and therefore the piece of legislation automatically became law on Monday.

The bill, sponsored by six Republican representatives, seeks to protect the constitutional rights of those involved in family court matters, including domestic and child abuse cases, by prohibiting judges from interpreting “foreign law,” including the Islamic Sharia law, or a set of legal codes imposed by the teaching of Islam, as well as Jewish law.

Those in support of the bill argue that its purpose is to protect the constitutional rights of citizens, especially women and minorities, but those opposing the bill argue that it is meant to target Sharia law and creates a sense of Islamophobia, or prejudice towards members of Islam, in the state.

Source: Christian Post

My comment:

Islam is a false religion. The Koran is not a revelation from “God”, but a falsehood written down by deceived Arabs. The truth is found in the Bible, written down by Jewish scholars.

The false Prophet Muhammad had 11 wife’s, a lawless man. Such lawlessness has given horrible fruits in the Islamic World for the last 1.400 years.  The US must reject the falsehood of this Arab womanizer, who even had sex with a minor girl, included in his harem. An act that display this Arab to be a pedophile and a sexual pervert.

Read more about the sexual perversions of the false prophet.

Let every Arab renounce the evils of Islam, and embrace the true and living God. He is God of Israel, and He has a begotten Son. Amen.

The Messiah Jesus of Nazareth has appeared in the flesh in Jerusalem once. And He is about to return.

Written by Ivar

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