Israel readies homefront for possible Syrian attack

Patriot anti-missile batteries in Haifa put on alert. Gas-masks are made ready.

Israel has faced scuds from Iraq, and now a chemical attack from Syria.
Israel has faced scuds from Iraq, and now a possible chemical attack from Syria because of NATO-aggression.

• Netanyahu convenes security cabinet

• IDF announces major drill on Golan Heights

• Education Minister Shay Piron: School system ready for any deterioration of security situation.

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

I wonder what the people in Chicago would have done in a similar situation?

If they had to put on gas masks, because there was a cross-border missile threat from Canada. And not because the USA had done anything to harm Canadians. But because there mere some Mexican terrorists  living there, protesting against the US policies towards Mexico.

 Psalm 35:19

Do not let those gloat over me who are my enemies without cause; do not let those who hate me without reason maliciously wink the eye.

This is how Israel face threats from Hizb’Allah in Lebanon. A rocket from South Lebanon can be triggered in support of the Islamic cause anywhere else.

Written by Ivar

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