Israel rebuke the corrupted foreign policy of France

Benjamin Netanyahu rebukes Laurent Fabius, who claim the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” to be the cause of regional instability.

Laurent Fabius  and Netanyahu is living in two different universes. One discerning Islam, the other supporting Islam.
Laurent Fabius and Netanyahu is living in two different universes. One discerning Islam, the other supporting Islam.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the root cause of Mideast instability, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Sunday, a day after Fabius said it was perhaps the central issue in the region.

“I say that because for too long people believed that the root cause of this instability in the Middle East was the Palestinian-Israeli problem. It is not the root cause; it’s one of its results,” he said.

“If we have peace with the Palestinians, the centrifuges will not stop spinning in Iran, the turmoil will not stop in Syria, the instability in North Africa will not cease, the attacks on the West will not cease,” he added.

Netanyahu seemed to be responding directly to comments Fabius made Saturday in Ramallah, after meting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Even if we speak of other neighboring countries – the dramatic conflict in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt – the fact remains that the Israeli-Palestinian issue is one of the issues, perhaps the central one, for the region,” Fabius said.

After meeting Netanyahu, Fabius said at a solo press conference that while in the past the Israeli-Palestinian conflict burned while the rest of the region was relatively quiet, now the situation was reversed.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Benjamin Netanyahu fell just short of explaining to the French minister what is the root cause of the problems from Tunisia in the West to Islamabad in the East.

The reason for this “instability” is Islam. This instability started 1.400 years ago. This instability seems not only to continue, but its reaching its historical Zenit. The lawlessness and evil now comes to us unlimited from the entire Muslim World.

To beat around the bush. might be necessary for the Israeli PM. Because there are around two million Muslims living inside Israel, with full Israeli citizenship. They might not like to be told the truth, but rather live with their illusions unchallenged.  At least Zionism have brought them something good, living inside an oasis built on the principles of freedom of democracy, with a sea of chaos around them.

Lies, corruption and deceptions, have noting in common with truth, honesty and discernment. That is why Benjamin Netanyahu did not use the option, of holding a joint press conference with the France Minister of Foreign Affairs.  The European leader have basically decided to side with evil. He can present his falsehood on his own.

Jesus the Messiah has the following message to this socialist leader, and the full cabinet in Paris:

Matthew 22:29

 Jesus replied, ‘You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.

The multitudes will perish, because they rather read the local newspaper, than to spend some time reading the Word of God, and get enlightened about both Heaven and Hell.

Its your choose too.

Written by Ivar

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