Satan’s version of “Jesus” has a plan for the global Church

This 2 hour video might shock some of the viewers. But not those who have read and obey their Bibles, and compared it with the ideology of men like Rick Warren.

For many years, News That Matters has warned the World about Rick Warren. He is a false teacher, and a deceiver of the flock. Warren preach a watered down, compromising and antisemitic “gospel”, and work for the establishment of a One World Religion.

I have been a local distributor of the book “Purpose driven life”. Today, I warn all about the deceptive messages inside this book.

Here are some links to my articles that expose Rick Warren.

Rick Warren honored Bashar and praised “peaceful” Syria

Rick Warren claims Islam-critics are “non Christians”

Rick Warren: Imam’s and Mosque have “credibility”

Rick Warren “One World” all faiths prayer for Obama

Rick Warren wants interfaith projects with Islam

I have also written some articles on Bill Hybels and Willow Creek.

To side with Islam to force a two-state-solution on Israel is faulty Christianity

Willow Creek pastor demonize Israel as “occupying power”

Willow Creek takes you back home to Rome

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Satan’s version of “Jesus” has a plan for the global Church

  1. Everyone should stay far away from interfaith gatherings. When HaShem gave the Israelites the laws of Kashrut, (keeping kosher) these laws were not just about food. These laws were about cutting one’s hair, clothing, ect., ultimately, they were about who and how you worship. These laws were a huge object lesson in keeping the holy separate from the profane. GOD does not change!

  2. This is the kind of talk that got me ‘lovingly shown where the front door of the Church and/or the Bible Studies’ because I opposed it…even showed it in the Scripture how it was wrong…even told these ladies and gentlemen that surely to God they wanted the Truth and nothing watered down, but guess who was wrong…(smile)…those books were passed around like they were gold every Sunday at ever meeting and preached, discussed, talked..there was no barrier of denominations, I visited several denominations over the course of the 3 years I was in that town and surely to goodness those books found their way even into the ‘long tables set up for breakfasts, luncheons, and special dinners…with a ‘message Andrea please leave your opinion to yourself..My reply was you brought the devil in here with his opinion and I’ll not keep the Word of God’s opinion quiet (smile)…(I will admit the lovely ladies moved their seatings to other areas with their books, but I just shared what I was going to share about that Rick Warren anyway…amazing that with them gone the ladies opened up and started asking ‘well what about this person and that one and so and so (my response was I’m not sent to dispose of each person, but if I do know they are wrong, and if I know they are right I will say this or that one is speaking The Word of God as long as they do ‘listen to them,and stay in God’s Word and pray’…if they are not in God’s Word like Rick Warren he’s a hireling like many, ”Run as fast as you can away, the devil is smarter than you are, Stay in God’s Word, The Lord will lead you to a Man of God after God’s on Heart and listen to him whether your friends or family like him or not!

  3. The writer of this article demonstrates more hatred and exclusivity than anything the Apostle Paul could bear to tolerate..shame on you for HATING in the name of Jesus.

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