Israelis alarmed over the double talk of UN-head

Israeli officials criticized UN Secretary-General Ban Kimoon Tuesday for backtracking on his admission Friday in Jerusalem that there was bias and discrimination against Israel at the UN.

The Secretary General of the United Nation  talks with two tongues, not to be trusted.
The Secretary General of the United Nation talks with a split tongue, not to be trusted.

Ban was quoted Friday during a meeting with Israeli college students saying that “unfortunately because of the conflict, Israel has been weighed down by criticism and suffered from bias – sometimes even discrimination.”

However, back in the UN on Monday, Ban reversed himself.

When asked about the matter during a press “encounter,” he said, “I don’t think there is discrimination against Israel at the United Nations.”

“The Israeli government maybe raised this issue that there’s some bias against Israel, but Israel is one of the 193 member states,” he added.

“Thus, Israel should have equal rights and opportunities without having any bias, any discrimination. That’s a fundamental principle of the United Nations charter. And thus, Israel should be fully given such rights.”

One Israeli official said that when Ban spoke about a bias against Israel in the organization he heads he “spoke the truth and showed moral leadership.”

“We are disturbed by his apparent backtracking. The UN systematically discriminates against the Jewish state,” he said. “The first part of rectifying a problem is recognizing it. His apparent backtracking is unfortunate.”

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I hope this can be an eye opener for many Israelis. The global leaders they entrust to decided the future of their homeland, are double minded people.

Ban -Ki moon is not different from other hypocrites among the world leaders. When he talk to Israelis, he say what he feels will be beneficial. Home again, mingling inside a flock of wolfs, he feeds them too.

Arab leaders are just like the secretary General of the United Nations. They speak about “peace” when contacted by Western media. The very next day they promise “Jihad” when Arab media are online.

 Psalm 119:113

I hate double-minded people, but I love your law.

Barack Hussein Obama makes no difference. When he talks to Muslims he praises Islam. When me meets Christians, he claims to have a “Christian faith”.

 James 4:8

Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Israel must look after her own security. Jews must not put their trust in wicked men, but repent and turn towards God of Israel and His Messiah.

Do not expect anyone else, then Yeshua of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar

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