Football player’s offered sheep to Baal to win game

A cleric from the local mosque was invited to oversee the sacrifice and published a picture of the unfortunate black sheep being led out onto the pitch on a cart.

Muslim fottball players in Kazakstan do blood offerings before they play.
Muslim foottball players in Kazakstan do blood offerings before they play.

Hours before the Scottish champions arrived at the Astana Arena for a training session on the plastic pitch, the Kazakhstan side had again killed a sheep in order to bring them good luck.

The sacrifice took place at a tunnel in the corner of the stadium before the Shakhter players were put through their paces by coach Viktor Kumykov, who was later coy about the “tradition.”

Blood offerings continue in large parts of the Pagan world,  also in Muslim nations.
Blood offerings continue in some parts of the pagan world, also in Muslim nations.

The Celtic manager was asked about the home side’s unusual pre-match ritual at his press conference and said: “You have to respect that. It is a different culture. Players have their own superstitions.

“We have a very diverse group of players from different parts of the world, different religions and you respect that. They have their own individual way of preparing for a game.

Source: The Telegraph

The website said a cleric from the local mosque was invited to oversee the sacrifice and published a picture of the unfortunate black sheep being led out onto the pitch on a cart.

In many Muslim majority countries like Kazakhstan, the ritual slaughter of a sheep is seen as bringing good fortune ahead of a major event. The meat from the slaughtered sheep is then often distributed among the poor.

Source: Fox News.

My comment:

For the past decade World sport has been developed into a religion. Both players and supporters worship idols and money.

That Muslim football players in Kazakstan offered a sheep is interesting. The “god” of the Muslims do demand blood sacrifices. But can not accept the blood of the Messiah.

Muslims who reject the blood of Jesus, needs to bring other forms of blood to their “god”. Just like Moloch, or Baal demands.

In Islamic nations, the Muslims even sacrifice their own brethren, to please “god”. When the blood is flowing in the streets of Islamabad or Bagdad, they shout of joy “allah U akbar”.


2000 years ago, the living God offered mankind a better solution. The blood of Jesus.

 Hebrews 9:14

How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!

Any man who summit to the Lordship of King Jesus, do no longer have to lift his hand on anybody. The blood of the Lamb of God has paid for all sins, and redeemed us. All sins are forgiven. Washed away, once and for all. Amen.

If you can accept this, you will be saved.

Written by Ivar

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  1. When you write that the sacrifice was made to Ba’al, you are more right than you probably are aware of.

    The highest God, the one Mohammad was told not to remove from inside the Ka’aba was in most languages called “Hubal”, which is simply a male pronunciation of “Ba’al”.

    However, there are something here that is overlooked, by many. In the book of the prophet Yeshayahu (Isaiah) we read in chapter 14:12, a name, in English translated by the latin “Lucifer”. The original, however, is “Helel”.
    Helel was an Arch-Angel. His body had instruments inside it, drums and flutes, says the prophet Yehezkel (Ezekiel) 28:13. His task was to sing praises to God (Halel; which means “praise”) – is written the same way as his name – in Hebrew without the nikudim (dots).
    Now, since the various semitic languages has the same basic roots, there are no vowels originally. That means that the vowel-sounds are interchangeable a-e-i-o. Especially we see this in Arabic, in the various forms of some names like Abdullah, Abdallah, or Muhammed, Mohammed, Mehmet, Mahomat, etc.
    With ease then Helel, becomes not only Halel, but Halal, the name of the ritual slaughter done to please this deity.
    Yet if you turn the word into an anagram, you will see “Allah”, and to further this train of thought, The Arabic word for New Moon Sickle is “Helel”.
    Ba’al was an ancient Lunar Deity, and Hubal was just a variant, linguistically. Allah is Ba’al.
    To worship him is to deny the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’akov, the eternal one, He who is absolute truth and purity.
    If you believe that Allah is God – like at least the two former popes declared on at least one occasion each, and most muslims proclaim daily, you are on your way to Hell, and need to repent.

  2. This kind of practice is akin to satan worship (slaughtering of whatever creature and letting the blood). It is interesting that a cleric from the local mosque was present to “oversee” the satanic practice. Islam and satanism, one and the same thing.

  3. Excellent article and comments. We’ll see more of this as allah/ba’al etc, [manifestations of hasatan (the adversary)], desire blood. Ultimate fulfillment is in the Great Tribulation with the ‘woman who rides the beast’ being ‘drunk with the blood of the martyrs.’ Islam and the RCC are both awash in the blood of the saints, but it WILL be MUCH worst in those (soon coming) days.

    Revelation identifies who overcomes: Those who have the testimony of Y’shua AND keep the commandments of YHWH. Rev. 12:17; 15:12; 15:3; and 22:14 (KJV has best translation of last one.)

    Y’shua/Jesus said, ‘If you love Me, you will keep my commandments.’ (John 14:15)

    What are His commandments? He said, ‘My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.’ (John 7:16)

    What is the Father’s doctrine? “For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my Torah.” (Prov. 4:2)

    We are to ‘walk as Messiah Y’shua walked.’ “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.”

    The ‘walk’ doesn’t save us, Messiah does. But, in ancient near east covenant language, ‘love’ means ‘loyal’ and judgment is going to fall on ALL who are DIS-loyal to The Holy One of Israel.

    Yet, He promises salvation (yeshua) and protection to those who are loyal to Him. (Ps 91, 27, etc…)

    If you truly want to dig into this, research the pagan roots of christmas, easter, lent, etc… All in practice a thousand years before Y’shua’s physical coming to Beit Lechem (Bethlehem:House of Bread… Bread of Life?) Cleanse yourself of pagan practices and ‘Come OUT of Babylon that you receive NOT her judgments.’ Rev. 18:4

    Shalom in Moshiach!!

  4. Thank you for being watchful, Ivar.

    (Just a small linguistic detail:
    It’s actually supposed to be ‘Allahu akbar’, and not ‘Allah U akbar’.
    The ‘u’ is a grammatical suffix to the pronoun.)

    On a more serious note. I must remind all of you here – and now I am NOT talking about the god presented in the Quran – that ‘Allah’ is the word for ‘God/god’ in arabic.

    Our christian brothers and sisters all use the word ‘Allah’ for God, and this is the translation for ‘God’ in arabic bibles.

    So let us not offend arab christians by implying they all worship Baal, or some such.
    Rather let us, just as with mormonism or any other religion (initiated by an ‘angel’ messenger) define what ‘god’ the particular religion believes in. (Mormons believe in ‘God’ and in ‘Jesus Christ’ – but it’s certainly not the God or the Jesus of the Bible!)

    Let us, for the sake of not leading one of our brothers to stumble, not get caught up in linguistics. But rather let’s focus on doctrine.

    1. Dear Ingela

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Our christian brothers and sisters all use the word ‘allah’ for God, and this is the translation for ‘God’ in arabic bibles.

      My reply:

      Islam is a deception, not only because of the use of another word for “god”. But because of the bondage to an Arab named Muhammad. The Koran claims the Jews are deceivers, cursed by “allah”. It is the followers of Muhammad who are the true people of God, surely Replacement Theology from the deepest pits of the abyss.

      The fruits of Arabs using “allah” and claiming to be “Christians” is antisemitism. Most “Christian” who use “allah” for God support “allah”, who wants to divide Jerusalem and form a new “Palestinian” state in Judea and Samaria.

      Arabian replacement theology in the name of “Jesus” is equally satanic as “Christian” replacement theology in the name of “Jesus”. It all leads us down the wrong path, to become supporters for Satan’s plans for Jerusalem, persecuting those who obey the truth.

      To use “allah” for God, amount to the acceptance of the Koran, the fist book to use this name for “god”. Before Muhammad, the word “allah” was used by the pagans in Mecca as the name for their pagan “moon god”.

      Arabs who have been set free from the bondage of Muhammad, starts to love the Jews. And to follow God of Israel, and His Messiah Yeshua. God of Israel is not “allah”. Even if the whole World starts to believe so. God of Israel, is the God who called the Hebrews out of Arab paganism in Egypt. And there is no other God’s but Him.

  5. Ivar,
    I am of the same opinion as you when it comes to the god of the quran.

    And I am also very much aware of the antisemitic ‘palestinianism’ among many of those who call themselves christians.
    I have seen much replacement theology in arab churches. Just as in many western churches.
    However – not among all arab christians.

    There are true born again believers in all these nations. And the word for ‘god’ in arabic is also what is written in arabic bibles, just as you and I use a different word in our own languages.

    I just ask of you to please consider these, our broters and sisters, who love the Lord, and many times face persecution for His name.
    Every time western christians say things like ‘Allah is a demon’ and some such, what these believers are hearing is ‘God is a demon’!
    Imagine if they would say that to us about ‘Gud’… (You and I also ‘use another name for God’.)

    Arab believers also make a strong distinction between the God of the Bible, and the god portrayed in the Quran. They do not confess themselves to the same god – and this testimony of course gets them in trouble.

    What troubles me with what you are writing is, that you seem to believe there are no real arab believers!? You use expressions like ‘arabs claiming to be christians’. That to me is extremely arrogant, ignorant and flippant.

    Remember arabic was one of the languages spoken at pentecost.

    God has His children among all these peoples, and He loves arabs just as much as He loves Scandinavians.

    1. Dear Ingela


      You wrote:

      What troubles me with what you are writing is, that you seem to believe there are no real arab believers!? You use expressions like ‘arabs claiming to be christians’. That to me is extremely arrogant, ignorant and flippant.

      My reply:

      Absolutely not. There are Arabs who believe in God of Israel, and support Zionism. One of the new followers of Yeshua, is the Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef. He correctly call “allah” for the terror “god”. The origin of “allah” is pagan. This deceptive word must be avoided.

      You might desire to, but can not worship “Jesus”, the son of “Odin”, the ancient Norwegian word for “god”. The ancient Vikings would be offended if I called “Odin” for a demon, but let it be.

      This is Mosab Hassan Yousef’s views on the “god” of the Koran:

  6. I know about this man. Once again, I’m not talking about the god of the Quran. You don’t need to ‘preach to the choir’. I’m talking about the arabic language, and the Christian Bible in arabic.

    And the first pentecost, where arabic was spoken, was long before islam.

    Your argument about Odin is like comparing apples and oranges.
    Our languages do have a word for God/god other than ‘Odin’.

    When you talk of arab believers, you always refer to converted muslims. But there are many ‘christian background believers’ all over the Middle East.
    I know many lovely believers myself, and I have seen how they also love jews as their broters. One beautiful example is an arab pastor, who pastors a messianic jewish congregation in Israel! (And his arabic bible uses the word/name ‘allah’ for ‘God’.)

    And the ‘historic churches’ have been present in the region since before muhammed. There have been huge massacres of these christians! (I’m not saying all is well with these churches, but they have nonetheless suffered persecution for the Name of Christ.)

    Are you just discounting them all, for using their own language?

    1. Dear Ingela


      You are just beating around the bush, and do not want to accept that “allah” is the pagan Arab word for the “moon god”. This is not, and can never be, God of the Bible. On the day of Pentecost, there were Arab proselytes to Judaism present with the Apostles. They did no longer worship the “moon god allah” of Mecca, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who had built two Temples in Jerusalem. They had arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feasts. Feasts like Purim, Pentecost, Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

      Let an Arab Christian say that God is Elohim, and I will believe Him. Elohim has always had a begotten Son. He said in the book of Genesis, come: Let “us” create.

      “allah” has never had a begotten Son. Neither the “moon god”, not the “god” of the Koran. To claim that “allah” has a begotten Son, is a support of syncretism and deception.

  7. Dear Ivar,
    I do agree with you that the deity of islam is nothing but the continuation of the worship of the moon god, or Baal, if you will.
    Believe me, I’ve had enough experience with that oppressive spirit!

    Just like all the ancient heathen religions – yes, the Vikings too – they still worship a god of fertility/sex, and war. (Even if muslims believe themselves to be worshiping the God of Abraham, and the God of Creation, they actually worship another god, since they reject ‘Isaac and Jacob/Israel’.)

    I don’t know how much experience you have of actually living in the arab world? Or how many arab Christian believers you actually know personally, and not from youtube.

    Actually getting to know arab believers, seeing their lives, their testimonies, their trials and persecutions for the sake of Christ, is a truly precious and life changing experience.
    All I am asking is, please, don’t discount all of these precious brothers and sisters, who use their own language when referring to God.


  8. Ivar, when you say:
    “To claim that “allah” has a begotten Son, is a support of syncretism and deception. ”

    Well, then it is really serious.
    You have then accused all arabic speaking cristians and all arabic bibles of being syncretistic.
    Never mind my personal opinion.

    The arabic Bible does claim that ‘allah has a begotten Son’, i.e. that ‘God has a begotten Son’.

    Here is John 3:16 in arabic:
    ‘Li’annahu hakadha ahabba’llahu l’aalam, likay la yahlika kullu man yu’minu bihi, bal takunu lahul hayaatul abadiya.’

    Is this deception? To say in your own language that ‘God sent his Son’?

    1. Dear Ingela


      You wrote:

      Here is John 3:16 in arabic:
      ‘Li’annahu hakadha ahabba’llahu l’aalam, likay la yahlika kullu man yu’minu bihi, bal takunu lahul hayaatul abadiya.’

      My comment:

      I cant read Arabic, but both Muslims and Evangelical Christians will find such a statement false, and rather provocative. I might claim a lot of things, even falsify the Word of God, and put it into a Bible translation. You still duck the issue, of “allah” being the pagan Pre-Islamic “moon god”, and not God of the Hebrews, who took the Jews out of paganism in Egypt.

  9. Ivar,
    I think you and I are talking past each others.

    If you have read my comments, you will know I have by no means ducked the issue of ““allah” being the pagan Pre-Islamic “moon god”, and not God of the Hebrews”. That is to say, the god of the Quran.

    You are free to accuse me of all sorts of things. I am not the one to make any claims. I just wish you would recognize that evangelical Arab believers all use the name for ‘God’ in arabic, which is ‘Allah’.

    I wish you at least as an investigating journalist, speaking for truth, would want to be fair and correct when writing about these things.

    You have responded to my comments as if I am saying that the ‘allah’ of the Quran is the same as the God of the Bible. I have never said that.
    What I am saying, is tha fact that the word/name for god/God in arabic is ‘allah’ as in ‘the God’, or ‘ilaah’ as in ‘a god’.
    Thus the word/name Allah is the one used in all arabic Bible translations.

    If you have a problem with that, then you are actually accusing the whole arabic speaking christian world of believing in a demon, and of falsifying the Word of God.

    Please, think carefully what you are implying.

    P.s. You didn’t answer my question as to whether you personally know any evangelical, arab believers.

    1. Dear Ingela


      Did “allah” take the Hebrews out of paganism performed by Arabs in Egypt?

      Did “allah” chose for Him self, a small family of non-Arabs to be His Chosen people, to make them a kingdom of priests and a Holy Nation?

      Did “allah” remove the military forces of the Arabs from Zion in 1948, 1967 and 1973, so that His Chosen people could rebuild the ruins of Zion?

  10. Ivar,
    we could just put the norwegian ‘Gud’ in there instead. Your argumentation would be the same.

    For an arab believer, the answer to these questions would be yes, simply bacause it’s the word for ‘god’ in their own language.

    But we are NOT talking about the god of is-lam here.
    We are talking about the God of the Bible, of the hebrews.
    And also of the God who loves and saves arabs unto Himself.

    I have always apprecciated you standing up for Israel, and exposing falsehood.
    Now, you in effect claim all arab speaking believers (many times mistreated, persecuted and imprisoned for the sake of their faith) are guilty of heresy, of ‘falsifying the Word of God’, and of worshiping a demon god, just because they use the name/word for ‘God’ in their own language!

    I would like to confront that as falsehood.
    (A wise man receives correction.)

    I hope no arab brothers and sisters have to read this, because they would find it deeply offensive and hurtful.
    YOUR brothers – and mine.


    P.s. Still no answer to my question?
    Do you know any arab believers at all?

    1. Dear Ingela


      You wrote:

      We could just put the norwegian ‘Gud’ in there instead. Your argumentation would be the same.

      My comment:

      The Norwegian word “Gud” is as deceptive as “allah”. Most Norwegian say “Herregud”, and do not even notice what they just said. I need to know which “Gud” (God) they are talking about. Is this God of Israel? Even a lot of Christians would not understand my question.

      I do not have Arab Christian friends. I have met a handful, but the meaning of the word “allah” has not been the topic. I would like to consult an Arab Zionist pastor in Haifa about this issue. If he calls “God of the Hebrews” for “allah” or not.

    2. Dear Ingela

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Since the Arabs in the pre-Islamic period used “allah” for the “moon god”, when did the Arabs first understand that they had been deceived?

      It would be utterly strange to claim that the rock of Israel is “allah”. The Coptic word for God, is “papnoute”. Or simply “noute”. So your claim about Arab Christians agreeing to use “allah” falls flat to the ground.

  11. Ivar, I am not claiming anything.
    I am just reporting the facts (- as a good journalist would).

    The coptic language of Egypt is dead, and not in use anymore. (Except perhaps in coptic liturgy.)
    And there are more than just copts among the christian populations in the Middle East.

    If the pre-islamics used ‘allah’ for the moon god, then the vikings used ‘gud’ for Thor, Wodin and Loke.
    I don’t think that argument holds.
    Can we now not use the name ‘Gud’ just because the heathens used it before us?

    Just because heathen idolaters have misused the name/epithet ‘God’ about a false god, it doesn’t automatically imply that we cannot use ‘God/Gud/Allah’ for The One True God, revealed in Scripture, and in the Son.

    shalom and love to you too

    1. Dear Ingela

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You asked:

      Can we now not use the name ‘Gud’ just because the heathens used it before us?

      My reply:

      As I have already explained, the Norwegian word “Gud” can mean any “god”. It is a deceptive word. In India, the Hindu word “permeshwar” has the same meaning. “god”, as a singular Lord. It is used by the Hindu’s when they try to explain that there is only one God. And we all worship the creator. The “gods” (allah, Buddha, Visnhu, Shiva, etc) are only there to lead us to the One and only true God.

    1. Ingela.


      I just read that the Berber community in Libya, used the word “Amanai” for God. You are not honest. You are cheating on us.

      1. That is a serious accusation, Ivar!
        You would rather ask Wikipedia, than ask a sister in Christ?!

        The Berbers of North Africa are a non arab people group. So they do not speak arabic, but the berber language.
        (I know a berber believer personally.)

        There are other muslim people groups who are non arabs, and who use the epithet of ‘God’ in their own language.
        In Iran, for example, they are not arabs, but persians. And in their own language, they call God ‘Khouda’.

        Whhy would I ‘cheat’ you?
        What would I gain?

        None of what I have written is for my own benefit, but rather for the sake of our arab brethren, who so often get side tracked and hurt when western christians declare off the board that:
        ‘Allah is a demon’.

        Well, then I ask like you just did:
        “What ‘God’ are you talking about?”

  12. Thank you for replying, Ivar.

    You wrote:
    “The Norwegian word “Gud” is as deceptive as “allah”. Most Norwegian say “Herregud”, and do not even notice what they just said. I need to know which “Gud” (God) they are talking about.”

    Yes, I agree totally with you. and I think this can be said of the use of the epithet ‘God’ in any language: It can be misused, or misrepresented in all sorts of ways.

    Now I think we are actually on the same page, brother.
    Thank you for your patience, and for hearing me out.

    It all boils down to which ‘God’ you are actually talking about. Is it the Biblical, God of the Hebrews, or is it the mormon version? Or the new age version?

    All I am saying is, that it is the same in arabic.
    (And sadly, even among arab evangelicals, you can sometimes wonder what ‘god’ they worship! Is it the prosperity Mammon-baal, like in so many of our own countries?)

    I don’t wish to put myself forward in any way, but I think I perhaps should tell you that I have lived in the Middle East for about a decade, and that I speak arabic myself.
    I have gotten to know a number of very precious, true believers, who love the Lord.

    If you know an arab pastor (I know a few myself), then it’s a very good idea to contact him and discuss all of this. You best get some thoughts staright from him.

    grace and peace

    1. Dear Ingela

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      If you know an arab pastor (I know a few myself), then it’s a very good idea to contact him and discuss all of this. You best get some thoughts staright from him.

      My reply:

      I agree with you. You know more about this topic than me. And you surely know more Arabs than me.

      But the Holy Spirit tells me not to buy your arguments. You have already lead me to google this topic, and go a little bit deeper to see if your crown argument holds merits. That the Arab word for “God” is “allah”.

      I have already discovered that there is no unified Arab Word for “God”. Since both the Copts and the Berber’s have alternative words for “god”, I can sense corruption in using the Pre-Islamic word for the “moon god” to explain God of Israel to Arabs. As I have said before: Let any Arab use Elohim, and I will believe Him. Elohim surely has a begotten Son, equally God and co-creator.

      The “allah moon god cult” had its places of worship in pre-Islamic Mecca and Medina, in the desert in Saudi Arabia. I will research on the word “God” used by other ancient Arab communities.

    1. Dear Ingela


      You wrote:

      copts and berbers are not arabs.

      My reply:

      Now I know for sure that your view is from a New Age cult. It must be the use of the word “allah” who define a true Arab. So it fits into your deceptive doctrine.

      Sometimes it is great to have Wikipedia:

      The word “Arab” has had several different, but overlapping, meanings over the centuries (and sometimes even today). In addition to including all ethnically Arab and Arabized people of the world (with language tending to be the acid test), it has also at times been used exclusively for bedouin.

  13. I have never been more offended, Ivar!
    And this from someone I consider to be my brother…

    I am as far from New Age as you can come!
    In fact, I often try to warn other christians of new age creeping into the churches! I hate the antichrist new age doctrins!
    It’s all gnosticism, and their vision of a ‘brave new world’ amounts to nothing but nazi ideology.

    Please, contact your arab pastor soon!

  14. Copts and Berbers are not [originally] arabs.
    The Berbers of North Africa still retain their own language.
    But they also speak arabic.
    Whereas the Copts of Egypt now use arabic as their mother tongue.

    These both people groups could be counted as ‘arabs’, depending on who you ask (themselves or the government).

    The same with the kurds of Irak, who do speak arabic [but are not originally arab], but it’s not their mother tongue.

    1. Dear Ingela


      I do not want this to become a linguistic fight. But I dispute your claim that the Arabs ever were united in their use of a Word for “God”, prior to the Islamic area, that started 620 A.D. It looks like it was Islam that forcefully united Arab merchants, Arab tribal people and Assyrians around the use of “allah”.

      In ancient Yemen, 700 B.C, the moon-god was named Almaqah. A stone tablet found, is mentioning five South Arabian “gods”. So “allah” must have entered this area later, as “the god”. A New Age “god”. Neither the God of the Hebrews, nor the ancient “god” of the Arabs.

      1. You might as well have described the history of the ancient Scandinavian name ‘Gud’.
        I believe the the name/epithet for ‘God/Dios/Khouda’ in every language, except Hebrew, has its heathen history.

  15. I have made no claims of my own, Ivar.

    I am just telling you the fact, that arab believers, and Bibles, say ‘Allah’, which in their language means ‘the God’ [‘al- ilaah’, or contracted ‘al-laah’].

    Please, if you only know [of] one arab believer – ask him.

    (And if you want to check on ‘my doctrine’, then please go to

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