Op-Ed: Jew-hatred today in Norway’s island of massacre

Two years ago, on July 22nd 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 youngsters at a camp of the Labor government party on the island of Utoya.

The Norwegian AUF camp can only one enemy that deserved to be boycotted.
The Norwegian AUF camp had only one enemy that deserved to be boycotted.

Selective compassion in Norway, By Giulio Meotti

It was then discovered that the youth movement had invited representatives from the Palestinian Popular Front of Palestine to participate in their Utoya’s camp. The PFLP is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, Canada and the U.K.

Money was collected for the Arab terrorists at the camp. These are the same terrorists who slaughtered the little Fogels in Itamar.

In 2010 at the Utoya camp, the AUF also established “the State of Palestine”, by fencing off an area and setting up a “separation wall” (youngsters played at being “cruel” Israeli border guards).

At Utoya’s 2011 camp, students also promoted the boycott of the Jewish State. The Norwegian Prime Minister was also photographed while getting a T-Shirt from the Fatah Youth leader Hassan Faraj with the inscription “Free Palestine”, which means death to Israel.

A few days ago Norway’s Prime Minister visited again the island of the massacre and Jens Stoltenberg was photographed again with a flag of “Palestine”, a gesture intended to incite the youth to hate the Israeli Jews.
Utoya is the mirror of Europe’s conscience. The only Norwegian Jew deported in 1942 to remain alive, Samuel Steinmann, protested against the proposal of touring Utoya like students do in a Nazi concentration camp.

“I feel like this is a demotion of the Holocaust’s gravity”, Steinmann said to the Dagen newspaper.

This is the steady stream of hostility, carefully cultivated and implemented over the past decade by Europe’s élite and mainstream and which has conditioned the average Palestinian Arab to view Israel with hatred, thereby laying the conceptual groundwork in Palestinian Arab society to justify launching vicious acts of cruelty against it.

Norway’s leaders are celebrating the Palestinian terrorists who wrap babies in strollers with slogans of hatred around their foreheads, who name summer camps after suicide bombers and who proclaim in music clips the wonders of “martyrdom” and murder.

This is exactly what Norway and the rest of Europe are saying to Israel:

Breivik’s terrorism is pure evil, it is racism, while the Jewish people is facing “national” terror, a different kind of terror, in the face of which the Israelis must retreat in a series of “disengagements”. Utoya’s message is clear: the Fogels were killed because of “the occupation”, while Norways’ students have been gunned down because they were morally superior to Breivik.

This is the very root of Europe’s murderer mentality: a continent compassionate for all kinds of victims, except for blown up Jews. A continent that regards as heroes and “liberators” those who slit children’s throats on a Samarian hill.

    Giulio Meotti: 

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book “A New Shoah”, that researched the personal stories of Israel’s terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.

Source: Israel National News

21 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Jew-hatred today in Norway’s island of massacre

  1. What we see here is yet another attempt at undermining the real shoah/the holocaust, just as how one tried to make a fake holocaust by accusing Serbs of a non-existing massacre at Srebrenica.

    All this is part of a “game” where one builds an argument that says: “Lookie here, we are not Jews, and we are being massacred too”. All this, as said above, to undermine the notion of antisemitism in people, because when people are blinded – they don’t see the realities.

    Worst of all is not the defense of these lies from the Norwegian government, but that the so-called “Christian” politician Kjell Magne Bondevik, who defends it, as if it were God’s own truth.

    Judgment is coming to Norway for real. Dovre will fall.

      1. Dear Montenegro


        I have a problem with men like Lars-Toralf Utnes Storstrand. He correctly points to the fact that Islam desire to see another Holocaust, but undermine the effort to open peoples mind by going to extremes.

        Storstrand kinds of activities are totally counter productive.

        I have tried to correct him many times, but he refuse to listen.

        To claim that the fleshy and evil Serbian regime did not massacre Muslims is Sebrenica is as baloney as any other baloney claims. It is a support of evil, presenting extremists inside the Serbian Orthodox Church as “truth-tellers”.

        In religious wars, there are always horrible crimes on both sides. Jesus told us to love our enemies, not to massacre them. Truth hurts. There is no true love outside of the truth.

      2. Very simple, Montenegro, because it is a proven fact that the majority of those allegedly massacred are still living.
        It is also a well known fact that muslims are inflating numbers – that is a part of the strategy of taqqiya.
        The war on the Balkans is the final step in a Vatican strategy to decry and destruct Orthodox Christianity, because they will not bend their knees to the papal authority.
        The former part was with the death camps of Jasenovac.
        I have written extensively on this, in Norwegian, if you trust any online translators you might get something out of here:


        The truth about Ivar’s allegations that I am an extremist is that he is not updated on all facets of history. The truth is that I am an absolute anti-socialist, whether socialism is marxist, communists, leninist, stalinist, nazi, fascism or social democracy. Ivar, unfortunately hasn’t awoken to see that all of these are cubits of the same length.

        (Some error on facebooks account would let me post on the Facebook login. Sorry.)

      3. Dear xlstorstrand

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Denying the massacre in Sebrenica, is like denying the massacre of Darfur or Rwanda. It is playing a card right into the hand of Islam. Muslims will correctly say, that “Christians” are wicked people. They deny all the evils done towards Muslims, and in particular evil done by “Christians”.

        The Serbian Orthodox Church is largely rallying behind Serbian nationalism. The Serbian war criminals were hidden by the Orthodox Church. These Serbs slaughtered Muslims, and they were looked up on as hero’s.

        In Goa in India, the Portuguese slaughtered 6.000 Muslims on their arrival in 1510. A.D. Muslim women and children were rounded up, and gathered in local mosques. The religious structures were put on fire, and the local Muslims were burnt alive. Muslim men were slain by sword, or drowned in a local river trying to escape the butchers.

        These Muslims, were living in peace with the local Christians and Jews, permitting them to build synagogues.

        Later, this Portuguese admiral even sailed up the Red Sea in a bid to destroy Mecca. He failed. But in the Indian Oceans, the Portuguese navy sunk several ships with Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca. Many of these ships were unarmed, and raised the white flag.

        Massive crimes against humanity took place in the Indian Ocean. Today, such crimes would lead to life imprisonment if tried by the War tribunal in the Haague.

        In Japan, “Christians” from America slaughtered more than 200.000 innocent civilians in August 1945, by burning two cities with nuclear fire.

        The list of war crimes committed by so-called “Christian colonial imperialism” is long. No need to deny any of the attacks on Muslims. Like in today’s Iraq and Afghanistan.

      4. Catholics are not Christians.
        I am not a Christian. I am a Messianic Believer.
        If you want to argue the proven blatant lie about Srebrenica, answer on H-debatt.

      5. xlstorstrand


        You are a bigot, not a Messianic Believer. You support Serbian evil done against Muslims. You also seems to hate Catholics, and play true believers of the Messiah into the hands of the enemy.

        It must be possible to love Catholics enough to accept that crimes have been done by so-called “Messianic believers” against Catholics. During the reformation, “protestants” burnt Catholic Churches, and killed Catholics. It was the devils dance. Tit for tat.

        I hate Catholicism, but love Catholics. Likewise with Muslims. I love Muslims, but I hate Islam.

      6. All of the above stated allegations against me are lies.
        1. I don’t hate any single person, neither catholics, muslims (or homosexuals).
        2. I do hate islam, (homosexuality) and catholicism.
        3. I do not participate in violent actions nor crimes against anyone.

        If you still desire to call me a bigot, fine. That will only collect glowing coals upon your own head.

        I have documented the lies purported against Serbia – as such, you have done nothing of the kind.

        Too bad that you don’t want to follow through with all your knowledge. God could have used your sword mightily.

      7. xlstorstrand


        There are numbers of Serbian nationalist army officers who have pleaded guilty of war crimes, related to the Sebrenica massacre. They did in details expose the plan to kill thousands of Muslims, and how the plans were executed.

        Still they have been sentenced to long terms imprisonment, by the War Crimes tribunal.

        You are a part of the cover up. A bigot. And caught in the web of conspiracy thinking. There is no end to this kind of fruitless nonsense.

      8. Again you are spreading lies.
        Your writings are full of erroneous wording:

        “Nationalist”. Being a nationalist is a god-given right, according to Acts 17:26, where it states clearly that God put borders between nations, i.e. God created nations. Nationalism is loving ones country, and is NOT the same as naziism.
        Naziism is Ultranationalism, and Communism is Supernationalism, both of these are erratic versions of nationalism.

        During the trial against Milosevic in DenHaag, the accusers failed to prove any allegations against him. When he were about to prove his innocence he died.

        No, I am not part of any cover-up. And I am not a Conspiracy theoretician, I am a conspiratologian, which deals only with proven facts.

        Interesting however to see how you avoid to address the realities.

      9. xlstorstrand


        I have never accused you of being a “Nationalist”, or said its wrong to be a “nationalist”. I have accused you of supporting Serbian evil against Muslims. This evil was done by Serbian nationalist forces.

        My discernment was right. You do support evil. You also defend Milosevic, a puppet dictator of Moscow. I have Serbian friends. Non of them wants to return to the days of Milosevic. His dream of Gross-Serbia was imperial, he being a successor of the Communist Tito. He took the Balkans into the war, and committed horrible war crimes against several minorities. Just ask any citizen of Bosnia, Croatia or Slovenia.

        In every war, there are crimes committed against humanity on both sides. True Messianic believers do not support crimes.

      10. Guess what. I have Serbian friends too. They agree with me. Not in support of Milosevic, which I don’t do.
        However, I refuse to lie about him, because that is against the 8th commandment.

      11. xlstorstrand


        I find it amusing that you support Milosevic, the former leader of the Socialist party of Serbia. A close ally of Moscow, and a dictator. A former Communist, who tried to succeed Tito, and keep the former Yugoslavia united.

      12. I just remembered something I had long forgotten ….but this post brought back many memories (with the help of the Holy Spirit)…I had worked in a place with a variety of faiths. Of which a few were Muslims. Over the course of time as we all talked, and shared, our lives children etc, the job, ache’s and pains (long hours). I remember not one of them ever, ever in the course of their explaining their faith to the group on any shift I was on, that they ‘wanted their hands cut off, or any other horrendous cruelty done to them. Though they did not have a problem explaining it was the right thing to do to those who did wrong ‘especially’ women (smile) ..
        Isn’t it amazing how one will defend their faith and their ‘gods’ and all their ritualistic rules etc yet when it comes to them receiving the brutality or we’ll call it the ‘chastisement’ they claim it’s different if it’s a man and or ‘the reason’ any reason to get out of them being the one suffering the punishment (ie the cruelty).
        Yet a Christian one that is real, seeks God daily with the cry of their heart ‘Search me O God’ see if there be anything in me…
        Hmm, I had forgotten about those men, there were not any women Muslims in that job they were just hiring men of that faith at that time but women & men of other faiths, Amazing how God puts us in the paths of so many people right where we are and His Word goes forth in the gentle simplistic peace for all to hear. How we talked about our daily lives, laughter, etc..What a blessing Jesus is and has given us all thru our lives!

      13. xlstorstrand


        You wrote:

        I am a conspiratologian

        My reply:

        I did not get any hit on this word on Google. Nor “conspirateologian”. What is this? Is it some kind of New Age?

      14. Sorry. It was meant to be Conspiratologist. A conspiratologist is one who deals with proven conspiracies, as opposed to conspiracy theorist who deal with unproven conspiracies.

  2. Hate blinds people so deeply they can’t think straight….it’s strange that people that are blind sight wise can see so clearly …yet not strange at all because their hearts are not blackened by the hot iron of hate that has seared them for so long…

    1. Denmark speaking.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I am not sure we need guidance for “proper discussions”. News That Matters is a forum for free debate, a supporter of freedom of expression.

      People who support evil, will be told they are supporters of evil. Also related to evil done towards Muslims. It does not matter if such a person claim to be a “Bible believer” or not.

      1. Dear Ivar Fjeld.

        I am sure, you don’t have to be haughty. This forum ought to be for every Bibel believing Christen. Not only for some special picked out.

        If you don’t like this comment, you wil for sure spam it.

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