Egyptian Tamarod movement seeks to reverse peace deal with Israel, and to reject US aid.

The left in Egypt is equally anti-Israel as the Islamic movement.
The left in Egypt is equally anti-Israel as the Islamic movement.

Grassroots movement Tamarod (rebellion), which facilitated Mohammed Morsi’s ouster, spearheads initiative to reject U.S. aid, sever ties with Israel • Muslim Brotherhood floats new accusation: Defense Minister Sissi is actually a Jew, servant of Zionists.

After the Muslim Brotherhood made sure not to overturn Egypt’s peace deal with Israel during their term in power, it is now a liberal group that has begun collecting signatures in efforts to rescind the agreement.

The phenomenon may have been dismissed as minor if it were not spearheaded by the Tamarod (rebellion) movement — a grassroots movement to register opposition to now-deposed president Mohammed Morsi and force him to call early elections. The movement helped launch the July 2013 protests in Egypt, preceding the consequent military coup that saw Morsi deposed and imprisoned.

The demand to sever ties with Israel is part of a wider campaign seeking to end dependence on U.S. aid, in light of recent sanctions imposed by Washington on the Egyptian army.

Tamarod is calling for a reversal of the 1979 peace agreement with the “Israeli entity, which is binding the hands of Egypt’s security forces in Sinai.” They wish to reformulate the security agreements with Israel in a way that will “ensure Egypt’s right to secure its borders.” According to the organizers of the Tamarod petition, the movement has so far collected more than 300,000 signatures.

Israel is closely monitoring the initiative. According to one official, “the fact that there are groups in Egypt trying to promote the issue, specifically now, and that they are calling themselves ‘liberals’, suggests, more than anything, that their priorities are out of order and bizarre. Even if there is a public demand, the Egyptian leaders, regardless of their affiliation, are well aware of the interests that would best serve the Egyptian people.”

Source: Israel Hayom

My comment:

Islam is based on a clear cut Arabian Replacement theology,  found in the Koran. Many muslims are surly soaked into anti-Semitism and Jew-hate.

But hate towards the Jews comes in many forms. Also in Egypt

The so-called secular “democracy “forces to the left, also reject the idea of a God of Israel, who has chosen a people to be His treasured possession

We now see a rainbow alliance being formed, of the secular left and Islamic forces. Their common enemy is Zionist Israel, and state they need to see replaced by a nation like all other nations.

They do not understand that this global alliance will be fighting God of the Bible, and that their path will take them down towards judgment and destruction.

Repent, or perish

Written by Ivar