Egypt’s security forces have cleared a Cairo mosque after a long stand-off with Muslim Brotherhood supporters barricaded inside, state media says.

The military enter the mosque in Cairo, with secular Egyptians watching.
The military enter the mosque in Cairo, with secular Egyptians watching.

All the protesters have now been taken out of the mosque, and many have been arrested, security forces say.
The confrontation at the al-Fath mosque continued for most of Saturday – with exchanges of gunfire between security forces and protesters.

Meanwhile the interim PM has proposed legally dissolving the Brotherhood.

The group supports the ousted President Mohammed Morsi, and wants him to be reinstated.

Despite being closely allied to Mr Morsi’s government, the Brotherhood has always technically been a banned organisation – it was officially dissolved by Egypt’s military rulers in 1954 – but it recently registered itself as a non-governmental organisation.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Nazism was banned in Germany in 1945.

Fascism was banned in Egypt in 1954

In 2012, Fascism returned to the corridors of power in Egypt.

When will it return at the cabinet level in Berlin?

Most of Latin America has never been able to rid if self of the curses of Fascist regimes, supported by the Roman Catholic Church.

When you permit Fascists to take over the leadership of a nation, that nation is doomed. Just like Italy in 1922, and Germany in 1933.

If the allied forces had acted quickly, and removed men like Mussolini and Hitler, the World might have escaped the second World war, with its 60 million deaths.

And the iron carpet would not have fallen on Berlin and Eastern Europe after the war, a consequence of the German fascists slaughtering 10 million Russians.

Today, Egyptian find it difficult to get rid of the same fascists. Because Washington D.C, Oslo and Paris supports the evil doers.

Military dictatorship is not the solution. But there was a need for a brief period of military dictatorship in Europe to, for the purpose of de-nazification of the continent. A bid to rid the civilized world of this cancer.

If the battle is lost in Cairo, the next battle will be fought for the survival of London.

Europeans seems to have forgotten this. They do no longer teach their children about Nazism, but rather to support this evil, in the form of Islam.

Jesus the Messiah warned us of extreme trouble, just before His return.

  Matthew 24:21

For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equalled again.

Now the Christian Copts in Egypt face the consequences of the return of Fascism, their churches being burnt and their children being slaughtered by the fascists.  Not so unlike what the Jews experienced in Nazi-Germany.

For the deceived and lukewarm people in Oslo, London and Paris:  Shame, shame, shame.

Written by Ivar