The titles of the Popes amount to blasphemy, part II

The Popes has official titles that is non-Biblical, and makes him a pagan, wordily emperor misusing the name of “Jesus”.

A fallible Cardinal becomes supreme and infallible when He is elected as Pope.
A fallible Cardinal becomes supreme and infallible when He is elected as Pope, an ideology with its roots in Fascism.

Unfortunately few Evangelical Christians are taught of the blasphemies of the Papacy. To the radial opposite, many Churches hide the facts, or simply have leaders who do not have any knowledge about the topic.

So what are the tittles of the Pope?

Papal Titles:
– His Holiness The Pope;
– Bishop Of Rome And Vicar Of Jesus Christ;
– Successor Of St. Peter, Prince Of The Apostles;
– Supreme Pontiff Of The Universal Church;
– Patriarch Of The West;
– Servant Of The Servants Of God;
– Primate Of Italy;
– Archbishop And Metropolitan Of The Roman Province;
– Sovereign Of Vatican City State.

Source: Multiple sources:

Lets take these titles one by one: Today, the third and forth claims of the Roman Catholic Church:

3. Successor Of St. Peter, Prince Of The Apostles:

This claim is built on an ideology of the need for a supreme human being. Let us do some reflections:

A: The Apostles Peter do have a successor:

B: The Pope is the successor of Peter.

First: The Bible do not mention, that a Jew name Peter should have a “successor”, nor be declared a “prince”. He was a fisherman. These are non-Biblical titles, that was gifted the Church of Rome by the Roman Emperor. The dictator in Rome had already set up Jupiter, as the chief “god” of the pagan Roman pantheon of Gods. The successor of “Peter” was supposed to set him self in the chair of Jupiter, and become the new Pontifex Maximus.  The head of the religion in the Roman Empire.

Second: Christianity can not be inherited. Every man must be born again by the Spirit of God, a sovereign move by Him.

Third: Peter was one of the 12 apostles that walked with Jesus the Messiah. He was surely special, in particular for denying Jesus three times. The Messiah once spoke to Him with very harsh words: “Get behind me, Satan”.  In anther incident, Peter fell into hypocrisy, and was rebuked by Paul. Not exactly a leader of the flock, nor a good example to follow, if you believe in the infallibility of the Popes. Peter was surely not infallible, and therefor totally disqualified to become the first “Bishop of Rome” and Pope.

Forth:  God has not appointed a “chief disciple”. We are all called to be priests in the New Testament Royal priesthood of believers, all equal in the eyes of the Lamb of God.

Fifth:: If Peter has any successor, all who obey Jesus the Messiah are the successors. Like Peter we are fallible, commits mistakes, and do sometimes even do what we are not supposed to do.

4. Supreme Pontiff Of The Universal Church:

This claim is built up on the idea that the Church should have a global leader, who is supreme. In the sense. His authority can not be challenged, since his authority is supposed to be from “god”.

We have seen many such claims by men, who have elevated them selves to such heights. Men like Napoleon, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, to mention a few of them.

This claim has its origin in fascism and despotism. The fruits have been pogroms, bigotry, inquisitions and even genocides. Bible-obeying Christians has through the ages been massacred in their millions, for not submitting to the authority of the Papacy. His priest and bishops have been the butchers, giving their subjects “holy orders” to terminate people, and even burn “heretics” in public at stake.

The Bible speaks about a man of lawlessness, who shall come and elevate Him self to the level of “god”. There is no religious leader on the surface of the Earth, that fits better into this Bible prophecy, than the “Bishop of Rome”.

Lets see what the Catholic parents are suppose to let their priests indoctrinate into their children:


The Lord made St. Peter the visible foundation of his Church. He entrusted the keys of the Church to him. The bishop of the Church of Rome, successor to St. Peter, is “head of the college of bishops, the Vicar of Christ and Pastor of the universal Church on earth” (CIC, can. 331)

Source: The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Lets detect the blasphemy in this doctrine:

The Lord made St. Peter the visible foundation of his Church”.

This is an outright insulting and provoking claim from the Roman Catholic Church, twisting the message from God of the Bible.  Because the Church has only one foundation, and that in Jesus the rock.  To claim Peter to be the “foundation”, is a damnable heresy that mounts to idolatry.

“He entrusted the keys of the Church to him”.

This is a rather silly claim, regardless if you take this literally or not.  If your spiritualize this sentence, you will see that there in no other way to Heaven, but through the Roman Catholic Church. Only through the “successor of Peter”, the door to haven can be opened.

The “Roman Catholic Church” has replaced the Messiah as the gate and the door. Not only a horrible deception., but pure and simplistic Satanism, presented to us as “Christendom”.

Stay away from such evil doers, who eventually will rob you of your salvation.

Written by Ivar 

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