Release of Arab prisoners like letting Norwegian Utoya-killer go

This comparison was made by Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, in an interview with Swedish Radio.

Israeli Ambassdor to Sweden, Isaac Bachman,speaks the truth.
Israeli Ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman, speaks the truth about the present evil pressure on the Government of Israel.

Israel is about to release 104 prisoners who have committed equally horrific crimes that Anders Behring Breivik. This claim is made by Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, in an interview with Swedish Radio.

– Parable of Breivik is mad in several ways, says Middle East expert Per Jönsson.

Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik

The recent resumption of the peace talks between Israel and Palestine is said to already be starting to crack. This is due to the Israeli decision to approve new Israeli settlements on “occupied land in East Jerusalem” and the West Bank.

But Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, the issue is not particularly controversial.

Their sacrifice in order to initiate the talks, the promise to release 104 Palestinian prisoners, is far greater, he believes.

“We intend to release those who have committed atrocities comparable with that Breivik did, he says in an interview with Swedish Radio”.

Isaac Bachman do not think the comparison is exaggerated.

– The world is far too easy on this, especially in Europe. Imagine that Breivik would be released as a gesture of some sort. Research has shown that these people will return to the same crime. It’s not easy to get public opinion with him to release these people, he says.

He does not believe that peace talks have been dashed by Israel’s decision to approve new settlements with 1.400 houses on “occupied land”.

Why is it so hard to imagine that the Israelis would live on Arab Palestinian land?

We have 1.6 million Arabs who live in Israel.

Source: Swedish daily, Aftonbladet

My comment:

First: Let me first thank the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden for speaking the truth. The truth is painful. Backman must be aware that this kind of messages will lead to persecution of all whistleblowers and truth-tellers.

Second: Israel’s ambassador Isaac Bachman might be removed from his post. He basically tells that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has permitted Arab murderers to be let off the hock, men equally dangerous as Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik.

Today, these Arabs killers are stopped by the security fence that is built around the so-called “West bank”, and along the border between Israel and Gaza.

If not, these men would any day try to kill as many Jews, as the number of Norwegians Breivik managed to slaughter.

But many Norwegians do not want to accept this parallel. Because they brand Anders Behring Breivik to be a terrorist, that must remain behind bars. But Arabs, who massacre Jews, are men of noble characters, men that must not only be released from prison. Such Arabs must be supported.

The antisemitic attitudes of Norwegians at large, are not so different from the views of the Nazi-party who ruled Germany, and brought disaster on the World.

It is only one correct word for this kind of attitudes: Hypocrisy.  Let me remind you what Jesus the Messiah said about hypocrites:

White wash tombs, sons of the devil, and brood of wipers.

Is this the kind of category you will like the Messiah to put you into, on the day of His return?

If not: Repent. In you do not repent, but continue to support this evil, you will surely spend eternity in Hell.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Release of Arab prisoners like letting Norwegian Utoya-killer go

  1. It is even worse. For while these Palestinians are terrorists, Breivik per definition is not.
    AND, this is not my definition, but the definition of the Norwegian legal/judicial system, who claimed that someone (originally Arfhan Bhatti, who attacked the Jewish synagogue in Oslo) was not a terrorist, because he «didn’t attack the people of Norway, but a group within the people (The Norwegian Jews)».
    Well, the same is true about Breivik. He didn’t attack the Norwegian people, either, but a group (AUF and AP (Labor Party)) which are most certainly groups within the people.
    Again: This is written in the legal papers of a judicial case set before Breivik, thus defining the precepts and precedences of what “terrorism” is (in Norway.)
    So letting 104 rapists, murderers, killers from Gaza and Judea, Samaria go, because the holocaust-denier Abu Mazen desires and demands that is much, much worse than if Norway were to set Breivik loose.

    1. Dear Lars-Toralf Utnes Storstrand


      You wrote:

      It is even worse. For while these Palestinians are terrorists, Breivik per definition is not.

      My reply:

      I feel its wrong to compare acts of evil. What is more evil, and what is less. It is wrong to let criminals out of prison, and claim such a move shall promote “peace”, and make people more “peaceful”.

      For someone a “terrorist” is a “freedom fighter”. And visa versa.

      It is fruitless to have such debates, that will go in circles from the sun rise, to late in the night.

      The Norwegians who attacked German soldiers in “liberated” Norway in 1943, would surely be branded as “terrorists” by many Germans. But for the large majority of Norwegians, such individuals are today branded as hero’s.

      Likewise Arabs who attacks Jews, are seen as “freedom fighters” by the majority of Arabs, and “terrorists” by the majority of Jews.

      The issue should be:

      What does the Word of God say?

      To who do Zion belong, and who has God called to be His caretakers?

      If the homecoming of Jews to Zion in 1947-1948 is not inline with the Word of God, surely the Jews are the occupiers of “Israel”.

      And another valid question:

      Did Jesus promote a military revolt against Roman occupation, or did he tell his followers to bless their enemies, and rather be focused on the values of the Kingdom of Heaven?

      1. The Word of God clearly states that those who oppose Israel are criminals, and that they oppose God.

        However, the word of God doesn’t say anything about Breivik, so your point here is moot.

        The question here is wrong usage of words. Norwegian courts have rendered the Terrorist-card mute and inapplicable for Breiviks cause, because they settled that in the Arfan Bhatti-case. This is Precedence, a common practice within law and regulation.

        At the same time, these prisoners from Israeli gaols are most certainly terrorist, per definition.

        The same applies to other terms: RIght Extremist for instance, is a term descring left-center (to the utter right of the left side of politics) and not the right flank of politics.
        Homophiliac is a invalid word because no one has ever proven that anyone is born homosexual.
        Islamist is likewise invalid, because there is no «moderate» islam. Only islam. Period. Quote: Moshe Sharon, the foremost expert on islam in the world.

        Words are important. Don’t play around with them. They will turn back and kill you, if you don’t respect them.

      2. Dear Lars-Toralf Utnes Storstrand


        There is no need to make this a complicated matter:

        1. It is wrong to release Arab murderers from prison, in a bid to achieve “peace”.

        2. It would be wrong to release of Anders Behring Breivik, for the same purpose, if someone felt this was noble and needed.

        This comparison is valid.

        This is the view of the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden. I support this view.

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