Hamas says it won’t be bound by peace negotiations

Mahmoud Al-Zaha says Abbas should be deposed. The Hamas says it do not accept the ongoing “peace negotiations”.

To have peace talks without he Hamas, will only drive the Arabs closer to
To have “peace talks” that includes Gaza without the Hamas present, will only drive the Arabs closer to men like Mahmoud Al-Zahar.

Hamas will not be bound by the outcome of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, a senior Hamas official stated on Tuesday.

Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a Hamas official based in Gaza, told his movement’s daily Al-Resalah that Hamas should act to isolate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and strip him of any representative capacity over his decision to negotiate with Israel.

“The PA has dealt the final blow to reconciliation talks, and Hamas will never accept the negotiation track and its result,” Al-Zahar said. “We refuse to swap Palestinian principles for politicized money.”

Hamas has long claimed that negotiations with Israel and reconciliation talks were mutually exclusive, accusing Israel and the United States of intentionally foiling Palestinian unity efforts. Reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah were meant to recommence in Cairo on Wednesday, but Hamas leader Salah Bardawil said that no such meetings will take place.

Source: The Times of Israel.

My comment:

Look, who’s talking now?

It is a bizarre negotiating theatre when the US, PLO and Israel is “talking” about a new statehood that shall include Gaza.  Since Gaza is beyond their domaine and control.

The “state of Palestine” is truly a fiction, a paper tiger made in Saudi Arabia, and funded by Washington DC and London.

It is also interesting that Israel shall be forced to move backwards, and beyond the 1949 cease fire lines. In 1949 neither the PLO, nor the Hamas even existed. And Gaza was firmly under the control of Egypt.

So if Israel are going to be forced to move behind these lines, so should Egypt be forced to return to the same lines.
Than Hamas must be toppled and removed. Forget about doing: Cairo will surely decline to even “talk” about this topic.

So, what is there to talk about in the first place?

Lets keep on pretending.  Surely this is the mother of all corrupted “talk” abut “peace”.

Written by Ivar

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