Egypt’s presidency has declared a state of emergency after scores of people were killed when security forces stormed protest camps in Cairo.

For the past 1400 years the fruits of Islam is despotism and self-destruction.
1400 years of fruits of Islam is despotism and self-destruction. Cairo is about to be the subject for another Islamic civil war.

The camps had been occupied by supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi, who was deposed in early July.

The government, which has declared a state of emergency, and said 235 civilians had been killed nationwide.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which backed the protests, says more than 2,000 people have died in the violence. Outside of Cairo, Islamic forces has set several Coptic Churches on fire.

The Coptic Church in  El-Minya sset ablaze by the followers of Muhammad.
The Coptic Church in El-Minya set ablaze by the followers of Muhammad.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

There are two different prophetic schools that can simply not be in the service of God of the Bible, not both of them. Because they contradict each other, and promise people different things when Jesus the Messiah returns.

And if God has not spoken to you, please do not distribute prophecies.

The first prophetic school, teach about a great time approaching. The people of Egypt (90 per cent of them Muslims) will find favor with God, and from Cairo to Assyria (Damascus) there will be built a new highway. The Messiah will come and start a new age of “global peace and love”.  It is like there is a second way of salvation in the pipeline. So, no need to “surrender to the cross”, and accept Jesus as the Messiah. No final victory at Calvary Hill.

 Isaiah 19:23-24

In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together.
In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth.

The second prophetic school, teach that from today onwards, mankind will go from bad to worse. God will permit Damascus to be completely destroyed, and the largely Muslim nation of Egypt will face destruction and stern judgment.

 Isaiah 17:1

[ A prophecy against Damascus ] A prophecy against Damascus: ‘See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

The prophecy of Isaiah 19:23 was fulfilled before the coming of Muhammad. Over a century, around 500 A.D, in post-Western Roman Empire Asia and North Africa, there were no Muslims. Not a single one in Egypt and Assyria.

The Egyptian nation was largely populated by Coptic Christians, and Assyria had a large and Powerful Assyrian Church of the East. All believers were permitted to visit Jerusalem, ruled by Christian Byzantine Kings. After Muhammad started his Jihad, most of the Christians in North Africa and Assyria were slain by the sword. The largest ancient Holocaust recorded.

Lets look into the future:

I can not phantom how the first prophetic school will be able to get the last and final antichrist, to fit in to their doctrines. His approach, the global acceptance, reign and rule. Multitudes of deceived people will travel to Jerusalem to worship him. It looks like the appearance of the antichrist, is best forgotten.

The members of the first prophetic school very seldom talk about this topic, it it is addressed at all. The best way to avoid it, is to preach the controversial pre-trib doctrine. The message is: No need to worry. We will not be here.

The second prophetic school teach, that the reign of the final antichrist will take place in the very zenith of the trouble ahead.

Trouble for the Zionist Jews, and all Christians who reject falsehood. The reign of the man of lawlessness, will be based on an offer of a lasting “peace”, the ultimate deception. This “peace” will be enforced on Israel, and lead to the final trap being plotted for her total destruction.

These two prophetic schools have totally different views on the Messianic age.

The first school talks about a Messianic millennium of “peace and love”, a reign that looks mistakenly like the end time doctrine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, also embraced by many Christian Zionists. The eternal kingdom is going to be established on Earth.

The second schools preach about a temporarily millennium kingdom of judgment, a Messianic rule with an iron rod, the whole Earth in submission. It will be a millennium of enforced “peace”. King Messiah will appear as the Lion of Judah, and separate the sheep and the goats. The sheep will be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven. The goats will have to spend eternity in Hell.

I am a lecturer of this second school.

If the highway from Alexandria to Assyria was established around 500 A.D. This prophecy found in Isaiah has already been fulfilled, and the blessings came before the coming of the false prophet Muhammad.

There will be no second chance for Muslims, and other enemies of God.

The errors of forwarding already fulfilled prophecies into the Millennium, is a dangerous deception. It overlooks the years from 450 A.D to 600 A.D,  when God also worked among the people in the Middle East and North Africa. A largely Christian area received blessings.

Be aware that both these prophetic schools can not be right. One of them is the culprit behind a global outpouring of false prophecies.

Written by Ivar