Norway: PM hires taxi “passengers” for PR-stunt

It has emerged that some of the people in a video of Norwegian PM taxi driver, were paid for taking part.

The Norwegian Pm Stoltenberg paid people to join an election stunt, the PM being a "taxi driver".
The Norwegian Pm Stoltenberg paid people to join an election stunt, the PM being a “taxi driver”.

The country’s ruling Labour Party confirmed that five of 14 passengers filmed in the cab had each been paid 500 kroner (£55; USD 85; 64 euros).

But while they had been asked to take part in a Labour video, they were not told what it involved, it said.
The PM said he wanted to hear from real voters before polls next month.

His party, in power since 2005, is trailing Norway’s Conservative Party in opinion polls.

The video, made in collaboration with an advertising company in June, is due to be screened during the election campaign but has already been posted on Mr Stoltenberg’s Facebook page.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Democracy in Norway has for a long time been sold out to PR agents and advertisement agencies. The Norwegian PM is surely not unknown to corruption. The last two years several minister has been caught in “favoring” close friends, without a single resignation.

The Norwegian government is one of the largest contributor of money to Islamic terror groups. A couple of years ago, the Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg let a cabinet minster put pressure on the Government of Israel, to release a convicted Aram murderer. Just like Obama is doing today, through his puppets in the PLO.

If the Norwegian M could by the election, 500 NOK (80 US dollar) per vote is a high price to pay. But it would be less that what Norway has gifted to the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and the PLO over the past decade.

The sad news for Norway, is that the Conservative party seems to be equally committed to the Islamic agenda as the ruling Labor party. So badly has the indoctrination of the Norwegians been over the last decades, that there seems to be little hope for anything but continuation of support for the evildoers.

Written by Ivar

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