In response to new EU guidelines to boycott settlements, Israel will not sign further agreements with Union. Israel to demand clarifications regarding expected limitations‬‬.

The last war between men and God will take place on the mountains of Zion.
The last war between men and God will take place on the mountains of Zion.

At a cabinet meeting Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided that Israel will not sign additional agreements with the European Union, such as a scientific cooperation agreement, due to the expected EU limitations on the settlements.

At the end of the meeting, State officials said that the EU’s decision significantly harms the process of renewing negotiations with the Palestinians.


My comment:

The European Union (EU) has basically ruled it self out as a neutral peace broker in the Middle East.

In regards to Israel, the new super power in Europe has sided with islam.

The basics for EU’s foreign policy towards the Jewish state, are no policy documents made in Saudi Arabia, the so-called ‘Saudi peace plan”.

It is sad that most Europeans are so disconnected from realities, that they do not rebel.  The process of indoctrination is massive. It involves kindergartens, schools, colleges and Universities. All kinds of educational institutions are backed up by a media that stands united against Israel.

Most of the Churches in Europe are dead. They do not have any knowledge about Israel, to not preach about Israel, do not teach about Israel, and obviously do not support the Jewish people with a single euro.

Soon, all these evildoers will face judgment. Behold, the Lion of Judah is about to return. Yeshua of Nazareth is the Messiah. Do not expect anyone else.

Written by Ivar