Israeli police ban Jews from Temple Mount

Religious Jews protest restriction of access to Temple Mount during Ramadan.

Jews paying at the Temple Mount is portrayed as a "threat" to World peace.
Jews paying at the Temple Mount is portrayed as a “threat” to World peace.

Dozens of demonstrators peacefully gathered at the locked Mugrabi Gate leading to the Temple Mount early Wednesday to protest unusually stringent police restrictions against the admission of Jews to the site during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The site, which is overseen by the Wakf Muslim religious trust, was initially open to Jews during mornings in the first two weeks of Ramadan. However, on several occasions, when Jewish visitors were threatened by Muslim worshipers, police were forced to evacuate them.

Indeed, last month during Tisha Be’av – considered the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, when Jews mourn the numerous tragedies that have befallen them on that date, including the destruction of the temples – officers barred them from the Temple Mount due to Muslim threats.

Although the Supreme Court has upheld Jewish prayer rights at the site, the court allows police to prevent any form of worship there if they believe such activities will incite a “disturbance to the public order.”

During Tisha Be’av, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the decision by police to bar Jews from entering the Temple Mount had been a preemptive measure after a security assessment determined there was an imminent threat to their safety.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

If there is an “imminent threat to their safety”, the Israeli police should remove the threat, not the Jews. By removing Jews from the Temple Mount because of Muslim hooliganism, the police force submit to those who use violence.

 Psalm 2:6

‘I have installed my king on Zion, my holy mountain.’

It is not worthy of a nation built on human rights and justice, to let Islamists occupy the Temple Mount. If they refuse Jews to enter this site, there is basically no freedom for Jews in the Old city of the capital of Israel.  Such Islamic elements must be arrested, remove from the site, and put behind bars.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Israeli police ban Jews from Temple Mount

  1. Exactly CORRECT….to ban anyone from a spot because of the Muslims…threats….has it come to the point now that …the Muslims can say ‘Boo’ and the World bows to them?? a Bunch of Cowards..every one of them and I am not talking about the Muslims…When I saw everyone of the Embassy’s closing down ….What is the matter with America, England and the rest of the World…’or’ ….better yet …What are they giving to the Muslims in return to bow the knee to these mongrels? We just sit and let they do as they please….Nahh I don’t think so…even a 3 year old brat knows there is a line you don’t cross with their parents…but these people ‘KNOW there is NO line..Why? because the leaders have removed it to give them a full Carte blanche …It totally sickens me …to say it any other way I can’t just the people can’t change what these leaders are doing…but they could do something…the millions of dollars they give them ‘daily, monthly, yearly’…the property they hold here in the USA and other Nations Oh yeah if the leaders ”really wanted to do something” it would be done…this just makes me want to Puke! Spit or what ever it is at the whole lying pathetic excuse of Manhood allowing the rulers of The Gates of Hell to be released all the sooner so they can reek havoc ….

    Yes I know this is written in The Word of God…however seeing it come to pass don’t make it any more delightful to the eyes or heart to see people do these things to and or against Israel and against their own people. Against humanity, Most of all also against the Most High God…showing just how Stupid with a capital S for Stupid they are ….S for filled with sin they are…S for Satan….followers of Satan…..and yet the ones who are going to follow these will only be far worse since these have flexed their wimpy, spineless, motherless, fatherless, excuse for leadership the next set will reveal far worse and there will be a group of Christians who will be running after them like a puppy dog with their tongues hanging out eating up every lying promise…this is ”if” …this one is not completely finished with directives on ‘what can be done or not done’ to help the poor Muslim Nations to get more land…heck why not tell the world they’re giving them America and England and the other Nations that ‘use’ to worship Jesus Christ openly …where Pork, Bacon was served in Jails and Prisons and Penitentiary’s but not now…it ‘offends’ the Muslims…amazing ‘Mac Donald’s….if you serve ‘Turkey Burgers it don’t offend the Cow Worshipers…. This has gotten down right CRAZY!

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