Kerry: Egyptian military restored democracy

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the Egyptian military did not take over but instead was “restoring democracy” in Egypt. The military overthrew President Mohammed Morsi after protests by millions of people. They demanded Morsi step down after a year as Egypt’s first democratically elected president. The military then installed a civilian interim government… Read More Kerry: Egyptian military restored democracy

Thousands march in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade

Haredi man arrested after hurling stink bomb at marchers, as 3.000 people bless sexual sin and perversion ‬‬in Jerusalem. Over 3,000 people marched Thursday in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade, held under the the slogan “We want change,” hoisting signs and LGBT flags. During the parade, a haredi man lobbed a stink-bomb toward participants. The man… Read More Thousands march in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade