The zero sum game in Washington D.C

“This is a zero-sum game,” the Hamas supporter said. When PLO moves closer to Israel, there will be no unity among “Palestinians”.

John Kerry was in need of a nice picture opportunity. The show must go on.
John Kerry was in need of a nice picture opportunity. The show must go on.

Its interesting to read what Ynetnews has reported, speaking to a Hamas supporter:

“As long as the PA walks the path toward a peace process with Israel, it is moving further away from achieving inner-Palestinian reconciliation. But it should be honestly said to the Israeli public that any step by the PA toward Hamas drives it further from reaching an agreement with Israel.”

According to him, by holding the talks, Abbas is signaling Netanyahu his drawing away from reconciling with Hamas.

“The most critical issue for the Palestinian street is the issue of the prisoners, and that makes Abbas’ achievement extremely important. He benefitted because his insistence vis-à-vis Kerry delivered. I’ll say it conclusively: The Palestinians never believed it will be possible to free prisoners in a non-violent way, and he proved them wrong.”

His Hamas colleague as well did not spare praises for the Palestinian president. “This is a massive success. I want to thank Abbas for this achievement. The Palestinian public appreciates any way to free prisoners, whether it’s the Hamas way, which brought about the Shalit deal, or Abbas’ way.


My comment:

Would it have been possible to reach a peace agreement in Europe in 1945, if Joseph Stalin had been ignored and overlooked?

Absolutely not.

How is it possible to reach a peace agreement in and around Israel, when the Hamas is ignored and overlooked?

Would it not be best to consider, any “peace negotiations” without one concerned regime missing, to at best be a bad show, or a silly orchestrated political theater?

 Psalm 74:22

Rise up, O God, and defend your cause; remember how fools mock you all day long.

It is true, that the PLO is a political tool of the CIA and Washington D.C.  This organization has no mandate, no credibility, and obviously no right to even sit at the table with representative for any democratic, free and honest nation.

But to please Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters, the show must go on.

Written by Ivar

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    1. Dear Astrid.


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      1. To “News that matters”

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      2. Dear Israel og Endetiden.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

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    1. Israel og endetiden.


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  2. Well since this seems to be more about ‘money’ than the subject at hand…I have a question…I tried to donate last night…and it was not in English…so how do I get to the ‘English button’ and is there anything else I’d need to know and don’t know the question to the ‘subject at hand’ can remain ‘the subject’ instead of the money ….

    As for as I am concerned..once the money is left one’s hands..what the person does with it is their business…no longer mine…Even the Bible tells me that much!

    I’ve often thought of the griping people who pitch a fit over ‘their tax dollars’…that’s a joke..they don’t have any tax dollars…it is taken out long before they even get it…and at the end of the year it is ‘again included to be taken out again…like going to the Ice Cream Store ..Double-Dipping… once it leaves your hands it’s not yours…if you don’t like what they do with ‘their money’…don’t give them any of your money ‘to be their money’…I’m sure they will have a holiday on our 5 dollar donations (hahaha)… A Sea Cruise ..

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