Snowden honored as a hero by German freedomfighters

The 30 year-old U.S.-American NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has been granted asylum in Russia, has been awarded a German Whistleblower Award.

Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of many naive people.
Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of many naive people.

Germany is one of the countries that was on top of the NSA´s spy list and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who first blasted the USA for spying on Germans is coming under growing criticism as it transpires, that the German foreign and domestic intelligence services are cooperating with the NSA.

The former NSA employee Edward Snowden has received a whistleblower award which is awarded biannually, by the Association of German Scientists (VDW), the German Chapter of the International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), and the German branch of International Transparency.

Along with the award follows a check worth 3.000 euro which Snowden will receive through his Russian lawyer and human rights organizations on 30 August.

The award was founded in 2011 and is awarded to honor individuals who have discovered and reported serious irregularities in their working environment, which can endanger human beings, society, the environment or peace.

The award was also founded to help remedy some of the disadvantages for one´s personnel career, one´s physical existence and that of one´s families, which can be associated with “blowing the whistle”. Edward Snowden agreed, that the criteria for being awarded the whistleblower prize describe his situation very well.


My comment:

We have to be careful what kind of words we use. It display our values.

For some people, liberation is looked up on as an “occupation”. Just look towards Obamas view on Jerusalem.

For some people, a whistleblower is looked up on hero, to others he is an enemy of the state. Just look up on the US Congress views on Edvard Snowden.

For some people, Jesus of Nazareth was looked up on as a dreamer or a traitor. For others, He is the Son of God, and redeemer of mankind. Just look up on the various Jewish views on the most famous man in the history of mankind.

Jesus of Nazareth is greater then Edward Snowden. Greater than all of us. He is the creator, we are His creation.

Written by Ivar

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