Corpses of dead Popes are kept in the crypt in the Vatican. The body of Pope Celestino V is kept in the open in Central Italy.

The former Pope pray besides the remains of Pope Celestino V.

Catholic worship of corpses, skulls and bones has its origin in the crypt in St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican.

A total of 91 popes are buried in crypts in the grotto in St. Peters Basilica in Rome. This including popes like Innocent IX, Benedicts XII and XV, Pius XI and Paul VI.

But not all the Popes are buried and kept for display inside the Vatican. Pope Celestino is kept in the open of St. Maria of Collemaggio Church in L’Aquila in central Italy. The roof this Church came down during the earthquake on April 6th 2009.

The Pope pray in front of the corpse of a Pope, who died 700 years ago.
The Pope touch the glass coffin, and lead other Catholic priest into worship of the dead Pontiff.

This is the official story of the Pope, who pay “homage” to a dead pope.

Pope Benedict XVI blesses the faithful in front of the remains of Pope Celestine V at the end of a mass in Sulmona, Italy, Sunday, July 4, 2010. The Pontiff had traveled to the central Italian town to pay homage to Celestine V, the 13th-century hermit pontiff who resigned after saying he was not up to the task. Benedict urged the faithful Sunday to learn from Celestine’s sober and simple life. He praised Celestine for his detachment from material things such as money and clothes.

The Pope paied “homage” to the only Pope that has resigned from the Papacy. Not only did he resigned, but he was arrested by the Pope that succeeded him.

Pope Celestine knew he was ill prepared for the papacy, and actually resigned from the Petrine office on December 13, 1294.  Now back to being “Fra Pietro”, he had hoped to return to hermetical life.  But his successor, Pope Boniface VIII, feared that the ex-pope could be used in an attempt to unseat him.  The Pope confined him to a house arrest, and though he managed to escape for a time, he was eventually confined to a tower in Castel Fumone.  There, though not mistreated, he died of an infection from an absess on May 19, 1296.  His remains were transferred to Sta. Maria di Colemaggio in 1317.

This contact between the Pope and a dead Pope, sets the example for worship of corpses, skulls and bones in the Roman Catholic Church.

Did Pope Celestinie V die with his shoes on? The Pope greets the crowed who have already been lead into prayer and worship.
This is the place Pope Celestino V was put up for display. Before the earthquake in central Italy brought his remains down on the floor.

There is absolutely no Bible verse that approve digging up the dead from their grave. Neither is there any Biblical defense for keeping corpses, skulls and bones for display inside Churches and Chapels.

Many Catholics will be surprised, by the high numbers of corpses of Popes, who have been kept inside the Vatican.  But any dead Popes are put on display in Churches in other Italian cities.

We need to investigate this matter, and look at pictures of this pagan practice.  The Papal system has kept more dead persons for display, than Communist Russia ever did in the Kremlin in Moscow.

From Wikipedia:

There are over 100 tombs within St. Peter’s Basilica (extant to various extents), many located in the Vatican grotto, beneath the Basilica. These include 91 popes, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Holy Roman Emperor Otto II, and the composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Exiled Catholic British royalty James Francis Edward Stuart and his two sons, Charles Edward Stuart and Henry Benedict Stuart, are buried here, having been granted asylum by Pope Clement XI. Also buried here are Maria Clementina Sobieska, wife of James Francis Edward Stuart, Queen Christina of Sweden, who abdicated her throne in order to convert to Catholicism, and Countess Matilda of Tuscany, supporter of the Papacy during the Investiture Controversy. The most recent interment was Pope John Paul II, on April 8, 2005. Beneath, near the crypt, is the recently discovered vaulted fourth-century “Tomb of the Julii”.

Plenty of Popes are kept for display inside the crypt in St. Peter Basillica in the Vatican statehood.

The corpse of pope Paul XXIII looks a litle bit like Santa Claus.
The red dress and the read cap makes this waxed body look very different from other corpses.

This dead Pope is not put for public display. The Vatican priests even offer Mass at the altar, on top of the tomb of “Blessed John XXIII”. The priest who offer the mass, is Dom Louis Marie, Abbot of Le Barroux.

A Catholic mass is offerd, with a corpse of a dead Pope inside the altar.

The source of this photo:

Not all the dead Popes are put for display inside the Vatican. This is a picture of  the Tomb of St. Pius V in the Church of St. Mary Major.

This dead Pope is put for display on the wall of a Church in Italy.

You can view this photo on this site.

Catholic priests offers a mass and sing hymns in front of the corpse of the Pope.

Tomb of Blessed Pope Gregory X, at the Cattedrale di San Donato, Arezzo:

Pope burried like a King, and kept like an Egyptian mummie in a Catholic Church.
Pope kept like the Communist Russia would keep their leaders inside the Kremlin.

The Incorrupt Relics of St. Athanasios the Great, in the Church of S. Zaccaria, in Venice, Italy.

A dead Pope, denied a place to rest in a tomb of silence. Kept for adoration and worship.

First published: 30.10.2010.

Written by Ivar