Riots flare in France as police enforce burka law

Officials said on Sunday about 20 vehicle s were set alight and four people arrested in a second night of disturbances around the town of Trappes, west of Paris.

Not easy to say what kind pf pervert who use burka, but walks in jeans and use a mans sports shoes. (down right).

France’s law banning the full Muslim veil has returned to the forefront of debate following an outburst of urban violence apparently sparked by police action against a woman in a Paris suburb.

Armed police tries to keep Islam at bay in Paris.
Armed police tries to keep Islam at bay in Paris.

Officials said on Sunday about 20 vehicles were set alight and four people arrested in a second night of disturbances.

The violence took place around the town of Trappes, west of Paris, where the original incident took place last Thursday.

The riots started in the middle of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.

Source: Financial Times.

My comment:

On of the largest tragedy of modern Europe, is the lack of restriction of Islamic immigration.

The very idea that Muslims will integrate, and accept Christian inspired laws and code of conduct, is at best naive.

By refusing to learn from history, the European elite drag the same curses down on our society, as across the Muslim World. No more freedom, no human rights, no more democracy.

It is good that cities like Paris is feeling the heat. Because if the France population do not suffer for their passed mistakes, there will be no one to correct the present situation.

People who want to live in an Islamic dictatorship of Sharia Laws, must not be permitted to enter Europe.They should rather stay put in nations like Somalia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. No one can stope them from destroying their own nations, society and culture. But we can stop them from destroying ours.

Wake up.

What are the satanic roots of Islam?

The Koran denies that God has a Son, equal to him self. And if God do not have a Son, the blood of Jesus is pointless. There is no remedy for sins, no salvation.

 2 Peter 2:1

[ False teachers and their destruction ] But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them – bringing swift destruction on themselves.

The blessings that came across to Europe is all based on an acceptance of the Bible as the truth, and people worshiping the Messiah. Obeying Him, rejecting falsehood.

Pray that all Muslims will hear the truth, and surrender to Jesus the Messiah. That the generational curses in all Muslim nations shall be broken. Amen.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Riots flare in France as police enforce burka law

  1. I am convinced in my spirit that this law is coming to America. I have often wondered what the reaction of believers would be. For me, and this is just my opinion, to wear the hijab would be performing an act deference, to a foreign god, I couldn’t do it!

    1. I wish it were so: However, as the time of Yeshua’s return draws nearer, evil men will wax worse. You will be HATED for the name that you carry, and for the message that you preach.
      Everything that is written in the scriptures, must be fulfilled. Sharing the gospel is probably the surest way to loose your life, and possibly your head, as well. Although unpleasant, to be sure, this should not deter any of us from sharing the gospel of salvation with anyone.

  2. Under the picture is written “down left” and it seems to me that the same phenomenon is found to the right in the picture.

    Thank you for exposing the acts of the dark.

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